Sony Bends The Knee And Lets Spider-Man Go Back Home

****** I had an entire blog worked out about a month ago when it seemed like a deal between Sony and Disney was eminent. Almost deleted it until today. Spiderman is back bitches!******

Our long national nightmare is over! Spider-Man is back home with the rest of his friends where he belongs.

The past few weeks/months we’ve had to deal with the “I Hate Disney” crowd slandering the company and trying to shine them in a bad light over this whole thing. Disney wanted more than 5%, which they rightfully earned in my ever so humble opinion. Not sure if anyone noticed but Far From Home has made over ONE BILLION dollars. Think Sony gets there without the Mouse?

And instead of giving Marvel what they kiiiiiinda deserve, Sony wanted to (reportedly) keep the deal similar to what it is now. Which again, is a measly 5%. It’s insane that Marvel even agreed to that in the first place but hey, gotta get Spidey over here somehow I guess. There were initial reports saying Marvel wanted 50%, which admittedly is a little much. Then it came out that they really only asked for 30%. As I’m typing this right now I saw something that said Sony was actually willing to offer 25%, but Disney was still still holding strong to at least 30%. I also saw something where Sony didn’t want Kevin Feige’s name getting so much credit in any of their films which makes no sense. Bottom line is no one knows what to believe at this point.

And then Sony came up with the rich excuse that Kevin Feige is just too busy to deal with Spiderman. Are you kidding me? Blasphemy! Everyone over at Marvel has been gushing about how much they wanted Spidey and how happy they were that he finally came home! If anything, projects may have been put to the back burner so the web slinger could get his due.

Then there was Sony actually believing that they could emulate the success that marvel studios had with the character. My goodness what $1 billion does to some people, am I right? Into the Spiderverse was amazing and I can’t wait for the next one, but everyone tends to forget that the people behind that project would not be doing a live action Spiderman movie. Which would have undoubtedly been a disaster.

I mean look at this slate of movies Sony has/had planned! (I guess they may still be using their own version of Spiderman/Peter Parker that just has nothing to do with the MCU. That’s gonna end well..)

Honestly, none of this should’ve been let out to the public, and that’s why I put a lot of the blame on Sony for this circus. What side are all these reports and press releases coming from? Sony. You haven’t heard anything from Disney or Marvel in regards to this negotiation. Other than this post from Jeremy Renner which was awesome.

You know what the funny part is? This type of back and forth happens in every single negotiation no matter if it’s hundreds, millions or billions of dollars being discussed. It all normally stays in house, behind closed doors and we never hear about any of it.

All this appeared to be was just Sony publicly negotiating with Disney in an attempt to turn the court of public opinion in their favor. Claiming that Marvel is the big bad boogeyman who all of the sudden wants to play rough is an idea that makes no sense. Kevin Feige plans his movies out YEARS in advance and Peter Parker is going to be a pillar for those years to come. Why would they not want to play nice and keep the character?

This deal also not only includes a third Spiderman Solo movie, but another one after that. Let the speculation begin! I’m so unbelievably hyped right now that I want another damn Spiderman movie tomorrow

Luckily for us fans, everything ended up working out. Sony gets to continue to literally print money with Disney while Feige gets their 25% and even more toys to play with and use to map out this already gigantic Marvel Cinematic Universe.

People seem to forget that Spider-Man has one of the best rogues gallery in any comic ever. It’s probably only second to Batman as the best in comic book history. Look at the pieces the brain trust at Marvel has to play with now: Venom, Carnage, Doctor Octopus, Kraven, Black Cat, Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Scorpion and of course, in my opinion the most intriguing of all, Norman Osborn.

I put Osborn and the Green Goblin separate because I have a feeling if we ever get both in the MCU at the same time, they won’t be the same person. You can build up Osborn to be the next great villain for not only Spidey, but for the entire MCU. Have him be the one who bought Avengers Tower. Have him be the one who gets the Sinister Six together. Eventually have him kill Aunt May or maybe even take out another Avenger! The possibilities are endless.

Regardless of what villains they bring in, there’s one thing we know for sure now. Peter Parker is back home. And at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

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