Packers Run The ‘Seahawks In The Super Bowl’ Play Last Night

Less than a minute left and you’re within 3 yards of the end zone, whatta ya do? History will tell you it’s a good idea to run it. The Seahawks will tell you it’s a good idea to throw it. The Packers and Aaron Rodgers chose the latter and decided to throw the ball..

Guess what happened next!?

I don’t care what stats your running back has during the game. I don’t care what the state of your offensive line is. You have three yards to get to paydirt, why would you not hand it off ONCE!? Or hell, just QB sneak it! The most indefensible play in all of football! But no, not this team, not Rodgers and his brand new shiny coach. They took the Seahawks route and decided to throw it.

The funny part is earlier in the game Aaron Jones ran the ball in for the Packers first score of the night from, guess what, the three yard line!

But when you have Aaron Rodgers as your QB, it’s tempting to just let him throw it constantly and hope he gets it in. He did not.

Why would Rodgers try to force that one in there? Why wouldn’t you try another fade to your tight end? The worst part of this is that it was SECOND DOWN! You didn’t have to force anything whatsoever. If the play isn’t clearly there, throw it at the receivers feet and live to see another down. You see the GOAT Tom Brady do that all the time. Why take an unnecessary risk when you still have more downs and time to work with?

I mean, Mr. Discount Double Check broke the record for the most throwaways last year didn’t he? Why was he afraid to do it this time? You have two other downs to try to get the ball in there. Why take a chance when you don’t need to take one? I’m the farthest thing from a Packers/Rodgers fan, but I hate stupidity more than I hate any singular player or team. And what we saw on that last goal line chance from this team was deplorably idiotic.

Everyone should’ve known this was coming though, since the same thing happened earlier in the quarter from the ONE yard line. Four pass plays. No touchdown.

I don’t know who should take most of the blame for this, but I know there’s enough to go around. If Lafleur called each play here in the Red Zone, then he needs to remember he has a pretty good running back he could’ve utilized. But if you’re Aaron Rodgers, a man who’s been known to change the play to what he thinks is the best for that particular defense, how do you not audible into at least one run?

It’s tough not to give Aaron a little more blame here now that I think about it. If you are the quarterback on the offense and you’re a pretty damn good one at that, you should be thinking to yourself, “Hey, maybe it’s a good idea for us to mix in a run play here. It’s only second down.” But hey, neither he nor Lafleur thought that and we saw the result.

I don’t want to hear any excuses from any Packers fans this week by the way. Just getting that out there. Your quarterback, physically, looked fine. I don’t want to hear anything about his thumb. I don’t want to hear that he didn’t have Adams on that last play. I sure as shit don’t wanna hear about how his defense let him down especially because all anyone’s been talking about is how “Aaron Rodgers finally has a defense!”

When will teams learn to run it within the 5 yard line?

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