Ryan Clark Confuses Hot Take With Idiotic Take About Patrick Mahomes

So this is what we’re doing now? Taking a 19 game sample and already crowning someone the greatest to ever do it at their position? There are SO many other NFL topics to discuss instead of trying to manufacture this narrative.

Listen, Patrick Mahomes is very good. You’d be a fool to say otherwise at this point. He has made almost any throw imaginable in his very young career, while using his legs as another lethal threat to go along with his arm. I mean, the guy won the MVP last season as a second-year rookie throwing 50 TD’s and over 5,000 yards. That’s real good.

But the I hear Ryan Clark say that Mahomes is better than Brady/Brees/Rodgers ever were!? This is where I draw the line.

Let’s start with the end here with what Mr. Clark said. If you’re starting a team now, he’d take Mahomes. NO SHIT! If you are starting a team right now and you choose Brady or Brees or even Rodgers over a quarterback in his second year, then you’re on Antonio Brown level decision making. That’s not a crazy hot take. That’s a sensible take. And this is coming from one of the biggest Patriots/Brady fans out there. Doesn’t mean Mahomes is better than any of those QB’s ever were though.

But to start his rant, he claims Patty Mahomes is better than the best years of any of the three QB’s he mentioned. That’s just not factual. Statistically, yeah, sure he’s right. But this goes into a different argument where you have to ask yourself, what do you value more? Statistics or actual, meaningful on field production? Because if we’re going by THAT stat, Mahomes isn’t even in the same league as these guys. The best years of all these guys careers ended in a Super Bowl. Mahomes best year has ended in a loss in the AFC Championship game where he played horrendously in the first half and had to work miracles to make the game close in the end. So to say he’s better than any of these guys ever were when their best had them holding up the Lombardi at the end of the season doesn’t make sense.

The funny part about this is that Ryan kind of contradicts himself in his own argument. If your receiver has to go up and get 50-50 balls or make one handed catches, doesn’t that mean that they should be getting more credit instead of the quarterback? It’s funny, when you watch Brady or Brees throw the ball, how often do you see the receivers make insane catches? Not that much right? That’s because these guys know where to put the ball and when to put it there. They’re not chucking up deep balls or throwing with a hope and a prayer than their guy comes down with it. They take calculated risks, sure, but they know how to play the position better than anyone out there right now. They are so far and away smarter than Mahomes is at the position right now that it’s laughable to even compare them.

And you want to know what the real crazy part is? I think Mahomes, right now, is more talented than Brady, Brees or Rodgers overall. He can run better than any of them, he can throw the ball farther than any of them and he can probably throw harder than any of them. It’s not a crazy statement to say that a guy 10 years younger than everyone in question is better right now. But guess what? at the quarterback position, you need more than physical talent. You need mental talent as well. And that’s the one area that Mahomes is light years away from the other QB’s in.

It all goes back to what you mean when you say “better than these guys ever were”. Are we talking stats? Or are we talking actual production. Anyone can put up huge statistics. It takes a lot more to back those stats up with winning plays, winning drives and achieving greatness.

This argument is ridiculous to begin with because we’re talking about a guy who has played ONE full year in the league compared to guys who have each played well over 10. The argument is always gonna be skewed and twisted because it’s one that doesn’t even make any sense. To say that Mahomes is better than Brady/Brees/Rodgers and THEN to say that you don’t care about resumes is bananas. You can’t compare all time greatness when you’re looking at one year. It just doesn’t make logical sense. If you’re talking solely this year, then yes, debate away. But that’s not what people are doing. The kid has played in 19 games, let’s pump the breaks a bit here.

Let’s not be prisoners of the moment and be hypnotized by the no-look pass or the sidearm sling that Mahomes likes to do. Just because he can do things you’ve never seen a QB do, does not mean he is the greatest to ever do it. I saw Mike Vick to things that no running back, nevermind a quarterback, could do. But that by no means signifies that he’s the greatest. When speaking on greatness you have to take everything into account.

You can be all time great at a few things, but that does not mean you are the best ever at your position. Playing quarterback is more than flashy plays and a big arm. It takes a lot more to be great, and Mahomes isn’t there yet.

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