Tom Brady Makes History While Reminding Everyone That He Still Runs The AFC East

Yes, I know it’s the Jets. But a dub is a dub.

Wins like this are a privilege that most teams have never experienced and most likely never will. Any other team would take a 30-14 win with no quabbles whatsoever. But this group and this fanbase expect excellence every week. This was a win where, looking back at it, feels like a missed opportunity. The Patriots should’ve put up 50 against the lowly Jets. These are wins that Belichick probably revels in. Sure, he racks up another W on the season, but he has a lot of things he can run his players through the ringer for.

Right off the bat though, it seemed like Brady wanted to come out and prove to everyone that his offense is gonna be just fine without Mr. Big Distraction. Opening up the game with a drive consisting of almost exclusively pass plays proving that, guess what, the McDaniels offense is going to be just fine without AB to play around with.

And while we’re on the topic of the greatest to ever do it, he reached yet another milestone today. Tom passed fellow 40 year old Drew Brees for second all time on the NFL touchdown list with 523 touchdowns at that point. He’s now only 15 behind Peyton Manning for the number one spot. A record he will almost certainly surpass this year.

A huge reason why he will get there is Josh Gordon. People seemed to forget about Flash during all this Brown bullshit, but he made sure that everyone remembered just how god damn good he is.

I don’t know why, but every single time he catches the ball, I smile. It just makes me so happy to see him out on the field trying to better himself.

Gordon picked up a hand injury which, at first, looked like he snapped his wrist right out of it’s socket. But fear not, his finger got caught in the Jets defenders helmet so he taped em together and went back out there like the badass that he is. I’d sell my soul for this man to remain healthy with his head on straight all season. He’s a monster.

Speaking of Brady’s weapons, Phillip Dorsett is criminally underrated as a receiver. What was also criminal was not overturning the incompletion that ended a streak of 26 consecutive targets to PD13 resulting in a completion. But when you’re in Brady’s trust tree, you get rewarded. And getting a block from the GOAT is the greatest gift one could receive.

Things weren’t all sunshines and rainbow passes today though. As Thanos said, this day extracted a heavy toll.

The good news is that the x-rays apparently came back negative. But next week is the Bills so I think it’ll be alright if he needs the week to heal up.

Adding to the bad day for our little white guys, Gunner Olzesesezeewski decided to commit one of the cardinal football sins with Bill Belichick: fumble a punt. The guy has been well above average this year returning kicks making defenders miss and getting at least some sort of yardage almost every time he touched the ball. So it was nice to see the team show their trust in him by putting him back out there for the next punt. He’s gonna have an important role this year so no need to kill his confidence for a fumble in a throwaway game.

The most frustrating part of Gunner’s mistake though was what it resulted in. The Patriots no-touchdown streak going out the window on a play that the defense wasn’t even on the field. I don’t care what anyone says, I’m still gonna say that this team hasn’t allowed a touchdown in 4 straight games. Special teams TD’s don’t count and neither do pick sixes, which Jarrett Stidham graciously gave Jamal Adams late in the 4th. You gotta feel bad for the kid because, unlike with Gunner, Stidham didn’t see the field again.

Just a few other observations during this game:

I love when teams like the Jets celebrate tackles or stops when your team no longer has any chance of winning. It’s the telltale sign that your team is full of losers who don’t truly care about winning. Love it.

I don’t know what’s going on with Sony Michel, but it needs to get figured out. This guy looked like a budding superstar last year and this season he’s looked like a backup. I’m not sure if his preseason injury is still bugging him or if it’s just bad luck but either way, get it together.

Speaking of getting it together, Stephen, buddy, you’re supposed to kick the ball THROUGH the uprights. Come on man. You’re about one game away from Bill taking away your keys to the facility.

Tom Brady, though, looks even better this year than he did last season. Throwing lasers all over the field and still showing his ability to stand in the pocket and absorb any hit thrown his way is amazing to watch. This guy is 42. And he’s still kicking ass. Tell me this guy isn’t gonna play til he’s 45.

Oh, and just another little milestone today: No other team has ever won more games during any decade ever than the Patriots have during this decade with 116. But you probably won’t hear too much about that because winning has now become as synonymous with this team as championships have. God it’s great to be from New England isn’t it?

So now we’re onto Bill Mafia who actually have something to cheer for this year. Their team has played pretty well this year but this is the same thing that happens every season. The Buffalo Bills will start the season in promising fashion only to have their hopes and dreams crushed by the time it’s all over. And next week will be no different.

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