The Patriots Bend The Knee And Cut Antonio Brown

After days and weeks of the Antonio Brown Saga, it seems we’ve come to some sort of end. And end to this chapter at least. Antonio Brown has been released by the New England Patriots.

Obviously Antonio Brown is a dickhead. He treats people like shit and doesn’t seem to have that much common sense. But the noise that’s been surrounding him the last few days, while most likely still based in truth, scream of people piling on and continually trying to drag this guy through the mud. But if we’re being honest, it’s all kinda warranted either way.

Supposed “threatening” texts with an “alleged steroid and drug dealer” in a group chat with his former artist is one example. I mean, I’m not sure those texts are THAT bad if you’re taking an unbiased look at it, but it’s certainly not good. Granted, it clearly proves he’s an ass, but we already knew that. The leaps that people are going to in order to try to tie all this behavior together with rape and sexual assault is crazy.

But let me get one thing straight, Antonio Brown isn’t a nice guy. But people already confirming his guilt without any proof solely because of his past actions this year is asinine. He may very well be guilty, but him not paying his debts or flirting with an artist or farting ‘in a doctors face’ have nothing to do with it.

Will this effect the Patriots? Not at all. They were a Super Bowl team before AB got there and they still are. This offense will move along just fine while the defense continues to dominate.

There’s a breaking point for every team when it comes to distractions and AB found that point with the Pats. Regardless of the legitimacy or seriousness of the ever growing cloud of smut surrounding this guy, the Pats continued to have his back until it got too heavy. And apparently today is that day where the team needs to shed that dead weight.

Now that Mr. Big Chest has been sent packing, I’m curious to see what new stories people like Rob Parker, Shannon Sharpe and many others will fabricate in order to bring this team down. You could go with the tried and true formula of repeatedly bringing up the cheating, but that seems a little worn out.

Perhaps they can bring up Josh Gordon and how the Patriots shouldn’t be relying on him? Or how Brady complains about the refs on Twitter now?

I’m sure they’ll find something. They always do. That’s why I found it funny that every single Patriots hater out there wanted the team to let Brown go. The life they got out of this storyline would’ve been endless! For pundits who rely solely on the vile New England Patriots for relevancy, they should’ve been hoping for this to last all season.

Oh well. The season goes on. The Patriot Way will either break you down and build you up or you’ll get chewed up and spit out. And while Antonio Brown fell into the second option, he has no one to blame but himself.

Goodbye and good riddance. Thanks for the memory. Antonio Brown was really a Patriot for a week. That’s crazy. THIS LEAGUE!

2 thoughts on “The Patriots Bend The Knee And Cut Antonio Brown

  1. I totally agree with you. It was fun and exciting to have a player like AB in NE. And this guy Robert Klemko is partly responsible of destroying ppl lives. Who cares if he farted or not. Why is that a story? And bringing allegations from women without any proof whatsoever is criminal. What a pathetic individual @robertklemko is.


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