Ladies Blister Pops On Airplane And Drenches Passengers

I have no idea who Andy Slater is, but my heart goes out to him during this trying time. Wrong place, very wrong time.

I don’t pretend to be an expert on blisters, but how the FUCK does one get so big and toxic that, upon popping, it covers like, 10 square feet. I have so many questions!

How big was this thing? Did she not know it was on the verge of exploding? How long has she had it? Did it make a sound when it popped? And for the love of god why was she wearing sandals!? That’s negligence.

Being on a plane is stressful enough, these passengers didn’t need this ladies foot juices blowing up all over them.

Can you imagine just sitting there, minding your own business, reading a book or listening to music with your eyes closed when all of the sudden you feel liquid all over you. You turn, probably assuming someone spilled water or some other drink by accident, which would upset you but you’d get over it. And to your horror, this foot terrorist detonated her ticking puss bomb all over you. Oh my god I’m gonna gag just thinking about it.

Blood and puss…all over you and your book…probably smelling like smelliest smell you’ve ever smelt. Smeared on the window for the rest of the flight. Just think if this guys mouth was open.

This lady needs to be banned from flying for at LEAST a year.

Oh, the flight was going to Miami? It all makes sense now. Another nasty ass Floridian terrorizing the rest of the country.

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