Aliens Did A Little Fly Over In Las Vegas Last Night

What more do you need? Do extraterrestrials have to literally knock on your door and say hello? Eat your dog and laser zap your children? ALIENS ARE REAL PEOPLE! And judging by this video, they’re here.

All jokes and sarcasm aside though, this has to be aliens, right? What the hell else could those lights be? Look at them. Giant balls that look like comets just appearing, disappearing and streaking through the skies in ways that regular aircraft never could. This is 100% aliens.

Wait until you get to the 20 second mark where one of these lights quite literally pops up out of nowhere. Then they all either start lowering down to Earth or just completely vanishing all together. This is really insane to watch if you think about it.

But just like they always do, the government tries to explain this away while insulting our intelligence.

Three parachuters? Really? I didn’t know that parachuters looked like comets falling from the sky. Oh, and nevermind the fact that you can clearly see SIX lights total, so even if 3 of them were people and one probably was a plane, what’re the other two? There’s barely any effort put into cover ups nowadays and it’s sad.

The powers that be are in a strange place. They know that we all know that they know about alien life existing on our Earth, but they refuse to tell us. I get it, considering that once you admit to extraterrestrial life form being real, that’ll destroy fragile things like religion and government as a whole. But at the same time, this nonsense has gone on long enough. Our world is in chaos right now. Maybe what we need are a few little green men to restore order.

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