The Eli Era Is Over..Is His Next Stop Canton?

I’m not gonna sit here and belabor the point: Eli Manning is not a Hall of Famer. Now, if you’d be so kind, allow me to belabor that point a little.

To be in the NFL Hall of Fame, you need to be the best of the best. The elite of the elite. The cock of the walk. That’s not Eli Manning.

The goofy Manning brother has a career 116-116 record, literally embodying the definition of average. If you maintain a C all the way through high school, you’re not gonna get a scholarship, correct? Same thing applies here. The NFL should stamp a huge “DENIED” right on Eli’s resume.

When you’re an all time great, you should lead the league in something, right? Eli has lead the league THREE times in one single solitary category: interceptions. That’s not good.

Manning has been in the league going on 16 years now. This year has barely begun so we’ll knock it down to 15. In those years, he’s only been to 4 Pro Bowls. 8 of those 15 seasons, he and his Giants had either a losing or .500 record to end the year. And he’s only had 6 playoff appearances while getting one-and-done’d 4 times.

This brings us to his two Super Bowls.

Now, I know what all you Eli Die Hards are gonna say, “HE BEAT TOM BRADY TWICE AND HAS TWO SUPER BOWL MVP’S!” Yes he did and yes he does. I will never forgive him for being the driving force behind the two worst sports memories in my life. So is this personal? Everything’s personal, shutup.

Allow me to poke some glory holes in that argument though.

While I hate the “take away __________ and ‘so and so’ isn’t even that good!” argument, in this case, it makes sense. That argument can only be used when the positive things are an outlier. A couple great moments surrounded by a sea of ordinary. When a player has an all time career, we don’t judge him for his few bad games and say he sucks. So why are we taking a player with a career that’s as average as you can get, and calling it a Hall of Fame worthy? It doesn’t make sense.

Stats are important. Accomplishments are important. Both true statement. But when you look at a player, you should be able to decide within seconds if he belongs in the Hall. When it comes to Eli, you need about 5 hours and a college-grade essay in order to explain why he should be amongst the legends. And that’s just not good enough.

P.S. Talking from a purely football standpoint, the Giants will be better off. Eli saw Brady refused to jump off this ‘cliff’, so he decided to do so himself. He’s not good anymore. He’s a liability at this point. The Giants doing this Week 3 and not during the off-season is a shitty way to say bye to a veteran though. Oh well.

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