Antonio Brown Posts Video In TB12 Building

I think there is a big myth that needs to be busted here when it comes to Antonio Brown. Not everything this man does on social media is bad. I know why he has that stigma right now, but it’s completely unfair to think that all this man does is stir up trouble on Instagram or Twitter or wherever else he chooses to post.

Take this post for instance.

All you’re gonna hear tomorrow across the sports talk shows is “here we go again! Antonio Brown is addicted to social media!” Or “why can’t this man just put the phone down!

Come get me when he starts posting videos of Belichick’s postgame speeches or videos with cocaine in the background (looking at you OBJ). Until then, let the guy do his thing. As much as it annoys me, he has a brand in his brand is being on social media.

If anything, this post should excite Patriots fans and terrify the rest of the league.

For Pats Nation, this is a beautiful sight. AB already showing signs that he’s buying into the culture. Also, you think Brady just lets anyone enter his temple? That’s hollowed ground Antonio Brown is walking on and clearly the GOAT is bringing him into the fold. Showing him the ways of the Football Gods. Letting him in on the secret system that creates legends.

And for the rest of the league, what was everyone saying about this partnership not working? Brady doesn’t like Diva Wideouts? All I heard was how Belichick doesn’t like all of this social media bullshit. Uh, excuse me? Tom Brady and Julian Edelman are on Snapface just as much as everyone else is in this league. The misconception that Bill runs this team like a Boot Camp always makes me laugh.

And while I have you here, I figured I would give my two cents on this whole situation surrounding Patriots receiver #17. I’m not gonna bring this up again until some concrete stuff happens, but as a Patriots fan/blogger, I feel like I need to get my opinion out there:

If Antonio Brown is guilty for what he is accused of, he will be gone. But there’s no verdict either way so why would the team make a snap judgment and let go of the player? That’s not what good football teams do. Now, I’m not going to get into the validity of the woman’s accusations or the details. You already know them so I’m not gonna harp on it. A civil case is different then a criminal case. Goodell could put Brown on his exempt list but it would be setting a very dangerous precedent. Again, this is not a criminal case. The woman is seeking damages from Antonio Brown for three separate incidents that she claims occurred. Innocent until proven guilty is still what we go by, correct? And lastly, if you think Brown is guilty strictly because of his recent antics, then you shouldn’t be allowed to have an opinion. Being a dickhead and talking you’re way off of a team is worlds away from rape. And if you can’t see that then maybe shut the fuck up.

Read up on the situation. Try to become somewhat educated about it. And form your own decision.

We’re on to Miami.

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