We’ve Found Where The Aliens Are Landing: Texas.

Oh, just a lightning strike you say? That just happened to hit at the exact moment that 15 cows and 8 calves were all close enough to a fence to get hit? They’re not even trying with the cover ups anymore!

What animals (other than humans) have aliens been PROVEN to test on? COWS! And now they’ve moved on to baby cows! Corrupt the youth and before you know it, we’re gonna have little grey aliens popping out of full grown cows once the invasion begins.

Shit, they’re probably contaminating the milk too. Oh my god this is so much bigger than I thought. I’m literally thinking of this whole scheme as I write this! Hear me out:

They’re probably putting microscopic extraterrestrial eggs in the milk! Think about it, who drinks milk? Strong people. The eggs probably somehow latch on to that person and grow big and strong like their host. Then, once they receive the signal from the mothership, BOOM, full grown jacked aliens are gonna pop out of human bodies like Bruce Banner changing into the Hulk. Jokes on them though because I don’t drink milk so I’m safe.

Anyway, I looked up how many lightning strikes Texas gets per year to try to research the validity of this false story. And guess what? Texas gets nearly TWICE as many lightning strikes a year compared to the next closest state (which of course, is Florida).

Which leads me to believe….maybe we’ve been missing this all along. Maybe there are so many lightning strikes because half of them are coming from giant UFO ships sending beings down at the speed of light. And us human idiots don’t think anything of it because in our eyes, they’re just regular lightning strikes!

Stay safe Texas. Good night and good luck.

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