Videos Like This Give Feminists A Bad Name

Let me just get out in front of this one: there’s nothing wrong with feminism. That should go without saying. Feminists have assumed the responsibility of standing up for women’s rights when no one else will.

This is something else. This is someone picking at something that is so far down on the list of offensiveness that it’s crazy this video even exists. The word ‘guys’? Really? This is what we’re spending our time trying to change? Women literally get assaulted, raped, belittled and otherwise unfairly treated everyday. But yet THIS is something people feel the need to be fake mad about?

We live in a culture nowadays where if one person expresses outrage over something, no matter how insignificant, there will be a groundswell of support in no time. Not because the matter at hand is an actual issue, but because people have an addiction to complaining and being ‘offended.’

What I actually find interesting about this video is this woman actually states that she herself is NOT offended by the term ‘guys’! But yet she put out a nearly 5 minutes video ranting about how we should find a different term because it may “minimize his, her, it’s, their right to respect and equality..”

Are you kidding me?

First of all, I thought it wasn’t acceptable to call someone an ‘it’? If anything, THAT term is giving a big middle finger to someones respect and equality.

Second of all, this reminds me of an argument I have with no less than a dozen people around Christmas time. When we’re a few days or so away from the holiday, I will tell everybody I see, “Merry Christmas.” I mean no offense whatsoever by the term. But now, if you don’t say “Happy Holidays” instead of the classic greeting, you’re then not being sensitive to my religion or my feelings. Really?

What offense are you really taking if I tell you “Merry Christmas”? How am I supposed to now you don’t celebrate that specific holiday? Am I belittling your God or whatever you happen to believe in by saying that? Not in the slightest. And it is the same thing with the term ‘guys’. The majority of women do not get offended by that term. So we are just going to change what has been a commonly used, innocent term just because a loud minority may possibly be somewhat pseudo-offended by it? It’s this countries constant need for everything to be fair and not offend anyone in the slightest. And it’s insufferable.

If you get offended if someone says ‘Merry Christmas’ to you then you are just looking for something to complain about. If anything, I could spin the blame back on you and ask you why you weren’t wearing some sort of sign or symbol representing what holiday you celebrate!

That last part is obviously sarcasm, but you have to understand my point.

While these two examples aren’t exactly the same, I’m sure you can see the parallels. If I walk into a room and say ‘hey guys’, I am in no way “One small step away from making a more conscious effort to dismantle the patriarchy.” I am simply greeting more than one person at once. This has never been an issue. But just like numerous other things in this day and age, everything is fine until all of the sudden it isn’t.

Within the first 30 seconds of this video she even states the term guys is “modern or hip.” It’s a “simple term” to address numerous people. I didn’t need the history lesson about how the term originated in the 17th century and how the originator, Guy Fawkes, suffered some brutal execution. Completely unnecessary.

She’s completely correct in stating that for years women have felt uncomfortable asserting their voice or anything like that. For decades women have been periodically put down or looked at as lesser. And for that women should be upset! Obviously.

What upset me was her example about walking into a room full of men and saying “what’s up girls!”

That term has never been used for a room full of multiple genders, unlike the term ‘guys’. Why would be all of the sudden use that as a term to address everybody in a room when it has never been used as such? Makes no sense. I’m not saying that just because something has been done for years that it should always stay that way, but in this case, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

And if I walk into a room and look at everybody and just say “hey”, everyone is going to think that something is up. That’s just an outlandish way to greet people.

Her big statement at the end, “I am powerful”, seems so out of place. What in the hell does that have to do with the entire soliloquy she just went on? So you’re saying if I walk into a room and say hey guys, I am disrespecting you and ignoring your gender while simultaneously taking away your power to…speak and have thoughts? Come on.

I’m going to get off my soapbox but there’s really one main point that I am shooting for here. We all need to stop finding things to be offended about. Use common sense. Judge intent. Is the term ‘guys’ really demeaning or disrespectful? Have you ever truly felt offended by that term? If so, I would venture to guess that there are a lot and other things going on in your life unfairly that have factored into that. It’s not the term itself. So please, just try to look at the bigger picture here.

And Merry freaking Christmas.

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