AB Is In And DT Is Out

In a relatively stunning turn of events, Demaryius Thomas has been traded to the (Damn) Jets for a 2021 6th rounder.

If your DT you gotta be kinda pissed here, right? Look at it from his point of view:

You get snagged by the greatest team in the NFL to play with the greatest quarterback of all time u Dee the greatest coach of all time, all is great.

You come back from your injury earlier and better than expected BUT you end up getting nicked before the season and inactive for the first game, all is less great.

Then you get shipped out to the freaking Jets. And not only did the Pats send you away, they thought you were worth only a 6th round pick. I mean damn.

Thats the Antonio Brown Effect ladies and gentlemen. This was gonna be a very crowded WR room with Edelman, Gordon, Dorsett, Brown, Meyers, Gunner and eventually Harry. Someone was bound to be the odd man out and it ended up being Thomas.

So long Demaryius, it was mildly fun while it lasted!

P.S. I’m actually kinda grateful because I always forget how the hell to spell ‘Demaryius’. That’s name is a nightmare.

One thought on “AB Is In And DT Is Out

  1. Kind of sucks I was hoping they would keep DT. What are they going to do when Hall comes back?

    ⁣ Regards,


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