The Patriots Have Officially Broke The NFL World

As you know by now, the rich have gotten richer with the Pats signing all world wideout Antonio Brown. I knew the backlash was going to be crazy for the sole reason that the villainous Patriots were involved, but what I’ve seen and heard over the past 48 hours has been ridiculous.

Instead of trying to say this “isn’t the Patriot Way” or repeatedly warning New England about what they’ve done and what mistake they’ve made, how about we trust that the greatest organization in professional sports actually did their due diligence on Brown? Pundits out there acting like this team has no idea what they’re getting into are forgetting that Bill wanted to trade for Brown last year. You don’t think he’s done his homework? That’s just idiocy to think otherwise.

Oh and by the way, all the quotes coming out of Foxboro solidify that this team knows what they’re getting into..

They know they have an A+ talent wrapped in a C+ character. And they know this is the perfect place to make things work.

The culture of this team will never waiver. You leave all the drama and baggage of your previous teams at the door. When you come to this stadium, you’re a Patriot. You’re a part of a family so tight knit that even its fans feel a part of it. This isn’t Steeler Nation. This isn’t the Black Hole. This is Patriot Nation. And we operate a little differently.

Belichick is 100% correct in the comparisons between Moss and Brown. Not necessarily the players respective issues, but the fact that the (local) media are acting like there’s no chance in hell that this relationship can last. How did Moss work out during his stint here? Just sayin.

Yes, we all understand the amount of balls that AB is used to getting thrown his way. Hes clearly going to have to adjust his expectations coming in here. He’s not gonna get 10-15 throws every game. But if you think he’s gonna have games where he gets 2-4 passes then you’re crazy. The guy is still supremely talented. That means, more often than not, he’ll be an open option for Brady which means he’ll still get his share of the pie. And while some games it may dip slightly, if he plays to his potential, this is a straw argument.

Again, why people are assuming that neither party has any idea what to expect going into this relationship is baffling to me.

But let’s actually get into specific example of all this buffoonery. I get a kick out of hearing just how sad, mad or otherwise dejected people are about hearing this news. Big Ben acted like the boyfriend who sees his ex move on to a much better looking guy so he’s trying to act like he doesn’t care.

Greeney, who’s an open Jets fan,is over here acting like Brown murdered someone. Look at his crazy eyes. Listen to his voice. Look at his mannerisms. Calling this the most “unprofessional act that I can ever remember seeing in professional sports” is about as asinine statement as I can think of.

Saying something like that while people like Tyreek Hill, Kareem Hunt and Terrell Suggs still play in this league is wild. All 3 of those ‘men’ committing domestic violence numerous times. But yeah, let’s put what AB has done above that. Makes sense right?

People who’s opinion I normally have the utmost respect for are making me scratch my head. People like Teddy Bruschi.

Teddy actually surprised me a bit here. He comes at this from such a pessimistic place that you can tell he has his mind made up before this topic even got brought up. Funny thing is, he and everyone else on that set is sitting next to a guy who had the SAME EXACT QUESTIONS FACING HIM when he came to the Pats. And as I said, that worked out fine.

Then we have former Jets Coach Rex Ryan. In back to back sentences, Ryan sounds like one of the biggest morons on the planet. “I’ve never seen a guy with more issues than this….I know I couldn’t coach him, which is really saying something…” Ummmm, what?

You’ve never seen a guy with more issues than this huh Rexy? So Mike Vick, Tyreek Hill, Aaron Hernandez, Ray Lewis, Ray Rice, Josh Gordon, Pacman Jones, and so many others pale in comparison to this monster you think Brown is? And saying you couldn’t coach him really isn’t saying much at all. Ryan was never known for running the tightest ship so you’d have to be brain dead to actually believe he’d even have a chance to coach Brown correctly.

Rex says every player wants to win and so does Brown, or at least he thinks, and that’s when Samantha Ponder chimes in. A noted bad-take-haver herself, Ponder claims that AB may not want to win at all! The examples she brings up though directly prove her opinion to be false. Regardless if Brown showed up Week 17, the Steelers weren’t going anywhere and they had already mentally moved on from Antonio so how does that prove he doesn’t want to win? But him talking his way out of Oakland proves he doesn’t care about winning? That team hasn’t been successful is years. So where’s the winning he missed out on there? And on top of that he came to the Patriots where, sorry Samantha, all we do is win.

Moss is actually the only one with a levelheaded opinion here. Maybe because he actually went through this same type of situation! He sort of reiterates what I said earlier which is that, hey, if you’re really this #1 receiver we all think you are, then prove it. Prove it week in and week out and there shouldn’t be a problem.

Not everyone has had a pessimistic outlook on this signing though. But that doesn’t change the fact that most everyone is still trying to find a negative slant here. I heard an opinion today that just..mystified me.

If you’ve read ANY of my blogs before, you know who Nick Wright is and you probably know my opinion on him. He’s in rare form here when speaking about how his team is still close to or even better than the Pats.

Jesus Christ. We’re all a little bias but Nick sounds just downright delusional! My man, the Patriots are indeed “so far ahead” of the Chiefs. I don’t need to hear anymore about them only losing because Dee Ford was offsides or a coin flip in overtime. If you’re team was better you wouldn’t even have been in that situation. Enough is enough.

Loved when Cris Carter says “I just hope they have a good opponent from the NFC.” And watching Nick react. Priceless.

He also questions how the defense got better. Really? They added Jamie Collins, Michael Bennett, drafted a couple studs and progressed all their younger players from the year before. But again, Nick wants to live in his happy place so I can’t fault him for that.

He also tries to bring up the loss of the Pats center and right tackle. While Andrews is certainly out for the season at center, Karras has stepped in nicely. And Mason isn’t set to miss any real time so Wright is once again, wrong.

Wright then tries to somehow say his Chiefs defense got better even though they looked like dog shit against the Jaguars BACK UP in game 1. Carter basically puts him in a corner this entire argument so I’m not gonna pick it a part any longer. Sorry Nick, here’s another L.

And then we get Stephen A. Smith. The most egregious opinions I’ve seen on this entire thing have been spewed from his loud mouth.

Stephen A puts blame on AB for bringing Tomlin down and shedding light on what he got away with in Pittsburgh. Should we not be talking about that? Shedding light on the fact that Tomlin and that organization enables all of this? Why Brown takes ALL of the blame makes no sense to me.

People like him like to bring up Antonios tantrums with the Steelers when he wouldn’t get the ball. You know why he was like that? He was ALWAYS the focal point of that offense then when Juju got there, he started losing his position and wasn’t used to it. I’m not saying his reaction was correct, but there’s reasoning behind it.

Also, unlike with Big Ben, AB knows that coming here with Brady, he’s not the focal point. He’s just another piece of a championship team. He knows the Patriots reputation and he still chose this team. That should mean something.

Smith also basically insults the intelligent of every upcoming black receiver by saying he’s terrified that they’ll follow in Browns footsteps. Listen, let’s give the youngins some credit huh? No one is looking at Brown and saying “oh okay, that’s how we’re supposed to act?” These aren’t children. They’re adults. Let’s treat them as such.

All I ask is that we all stop acting like Antonio Brown is the devil. We have actual bad people playing and being cheered in this league. Browns antic should not be accepted and they certainly won’t in New England. We give second and third chances to the worst of the worst in this league. Why can’t we do the same for Brown?

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