Florida Man Assaulted By Giant Fish

And you thought all ‘Florida Man’ did was commit crimes, didn’t ya? No no no. This Florida Man is the one BEING crimed.

With a nickname like Monster Mike (famous YouTuber apparently), you’d think this guy wouldn’t turn into a little bitchass when confronted by the largest grouper these eyes have even seen. I actually can’t fault Mike for reacting like that though. I’m positive that THIS Mike wouldn’t even have gotten in the water with that absolute unit. I like my life, thank you very much!

The scary thing is, if there’s one, there’s gotta be more….can you imagine that? Diving under water and seeing a dozen of these giant beasts bee lining towards you? I’d be out of that water faster than you could say “Jaws.”

The best part is when it seems like our human friend finally lets his guard down, THAT is when the fish decides to strike. A calculated attack. I don’t know much about Groupers teeth, but I’m assuming if he could’ve, he would’ve grabbed a hold of Mike and brought him down to the depths to feast on his flesh with his fish brethren.

Meth Gators. Great Whites. And now mutant Groupers? Florida is gonna slowly destroy itself from within when the animals take over.

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