Antonio Brown Requests (And Is Granted) His Release From Raiders In Bizarre Instagram Post

This Antonio Brown Saga has been incredible to watch unfold. Never before has a player been so brash with his displeasure for not only the league, but his own team! Brown has looked like a fool at every turn and this Instagram post is final act of a movie with so many twists and turns, M. Night Shyamalan would be proud.

Let’s run through the highlights shall we?

March 13: Antonio Brown is officially brought in as a member of the Oakland Raiders, who gave up a 3rd and a 5th round pick for the player. At the time everyone was thinking “Wow! They only had to give up two later round picks for arguably the best reviewer in the league!” But now, that tune has changed to “Woah. They gave up two decent picks for this headcase?” My oh my how things change in 5 months time.

With his brand new 3 year/$30 million extension, Brown stated, “I bring accountability. I bring actions. Not what I say, what I do. How I approach things.” A quote that is hilarious looking back at now.

July 26: Brown shows up (in a hot air balloon) to the team facility with severely frost bitten feet from a cryogenic mishap over in France. While the blame was initially put on the people who Brown went to over there, it’s tough not to second guess that now and question if AB is partially to blame as well. Did he not know what to wear on his feet? This wasn’t his first time. Did he just not care?

He’s put on the non-football injury list later that day.

July 28-30: Antonio is taken off the non-football injury list and apparently dazzles at practice before taking off for what would turn into a 2 week hiatus from the team. Partially to heal up from his frostbitten feet but this was also when the Helmetgate was born.

AB decided to take his outdated head ware and go home. At first we were all lead to believe the main reason Brown didn’t want to change helmets was because this new one would be uncomfortable and skew his vision. We would later find out that was NOT the case. Mr. Big Chest just didn’t like how it looked. Safety be damned! Brown takes the “look good, play good” phrase a little too seriously.

The crazy part about this is it’s not like Brown only had a handful of helmets to choose from. The league was literally sending him dozens of helmets to try to appease this jackass. And he turned every one of them down. In a day and age where concussion safety is at an all time high, Brown was more concerned with his appearance instead of his well being.

August 13-15: Antonio finally shows back up to his teams workouts. Apparently he hears from both Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock and felt as though everything was on the up and up. He was wrong.

August 18-25: Here’s when things really start to go off the rails. Brown files and loses a grievance against the NFL for trying to make him wear a safer helmet, as he wanted to keep his decade-old, outdated one. This loss sends Brown on a hissy fit where he ditches his team once again. A decision that would cost him $40,000 in fines from Mike Mayock and the Raiders.

Mayock was then cornered by reporters after practice and that’s where we got the famous “all in or all out” ultimatum. A threat Brown clearly heard because he was back with the team in the coming days.

Ever the persistent man, Brown loses his SECOND grievance to wear the helmet of his choice. Hundreds of players in the league and AB is the only one who is being a stubborn problem child about this. Tom Brady has to change his helmet as well, but you won’t hear a peep out of him. That’s the difference between a professional and a self-centered athlete.

September 4-Present: This is when, in my eyes, irreparable damage was done to the relationship between Antonio and the Oakland Raiders. Specifically he and Mike Mayock. Brown posted this on Instagram:

Posting a private letter that your team sent you detailing the fines you’re getting and the reasoning behind them is a fireable offense in my eyes. This clown straight up ditched his team and missed crucial practices/walkthroughs/etc, but yet he thinks he’s above punishment. This really showed just how fucked up Browns thought process is. And how he thinks posting this on social media would somehow make him a sympathetic figure.

The next day at practice Brown completely loses his mind. Punting balls, arguing with coaches and then getting into it with his General Manager, Mayock. A confrontation where AB apparently had to get held back by Vontez Burfict of all people as he was threatening to punch Mayock in the face. Supposedly Antonio also called his GM a ‘cracker’, which the receiver denies doing. But I think we can all see this in the realm of possibility with this sociopath.

***Quick side note here: if you’re a white person offended by the use of the word ‘cracker’ you need to get over yourself. No one is actually offended by that, you’re just looking for a reason to bitch and complain. Soft as tissue paper***

Within the next two days we get reports all over the place. Everything from Brown possibly getting suspended to possibly getting traded and even the team just outright cutting him. The latter would make sense considering the verbiage used I the fine letter than was sent to Brown. “Conduct detrimental” is a term that would allow the Raiders to cut Antonio and void all his $30 million in guaranteed money.

While Mike Mayock was coming off as a stern operator for the most part, Coach Gruden was consistently coming off like a buffoon. Why a coach would constantly defend a player who has so blatantly disrespected every single person in the organization is bananaland. But Gruden persisted on in saying how much he wanted the receiver back in the fold.

It’s then reported that Brown have an ‘emotional apology’ to the organization with the team captains by his side. You gotta question the legitimacy of this apology considering what’s happened the last 24 hours though.

Last night, Brown posts this ridiculous video along with a private phone conversation between he and Gruden. Did Gruden want this conversation leaked? That’s doubtful. But Chucky has a little crazy in him too so who knows.

I mean, what the hell was that!? This tone deaf imbecile is STILL trying to paint himself as the victim! And his coach was feeding into it! Brown already comes off horribly here, but now he’s dragging his $100 million coach down with him!

Antonio Brown is not misunderstood. We all understand exactly what he is. He’s a “me first”, spoiled brat who thinks he can get away with whatever he wants. And when he gets reprimanded for his actions, he goes berserk. All that talent wasted on a guy who only cares about HIS brand and HIS personal gain.

This brings us back to what I posted to start this blog. Antonio Brown officially telling the Raiders to release him. And guess what? Looks like he may get his wish!

This is all gonna end the only way it can at this point. With Antonio Brown out of a job, his guaranteed money gone, the Raiders back to being shit and the inevitable AB social media post saying he’s better off. What first looked to be a promising season for Oakland has now gone up in flames. Oakland is partly to blame for putting their faith in this blockhead. The Steelers are to blame for building this monster. But, like it or not, Antonio Brown has no one else to blame but himself for his actions.

I don’t wanna hear “The Raiders knew what they were getting into!” Screw that. Sure, Oakland knew they were getting the definition of a diva wide receiver, but no one could’ve guessed this would happen. Would you have guessed Brown would’ve came to practice in a helmet painted to look like a regulation NFL helmet? No. That’s about as childish as you can get. But I guess it makes sense considering the manchild we’re dealing with here.

And to think, people thought the Patriots would bring on AB? Nah. You can have your diva’s, Belichick will take his championships.


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