Nicki Minaj Retires From Rap

So this was the tweet that Nicki sent out yesterday that made the hip hop world collectively….shrug? I don’t know. For a rapper who hasn’t really been in the spotlight for a while, this news doesn’t really move the needle like it would a few years ago.

One thing I find interesting though is that Nicki Minaj has since deleted the tweet announcing her retirement. Having second thoughts? Did the rap community not react the way you wanted to so now you’re kinda backtracking? Who knows.

I feel like I need to say this: I like(d) Nicki Minaj. I think she is a great rapper and can put words together very well. She has a specific, unique voice and flow which she has showcased over numerous number one albums and songs. My opinion and views here are a result of her slowing down the rate of which she put out content and that content she was putting out being less than what she’s capable of. Her album Queen from last year went as under the radar as anything I’ve ever seen Nicki put out. That was a sign right there.

If we’re all in the trust tree here, if it wasn’t for Cardi B, Nicki Minaj would’ve lost even more steam and limelight than she already has. Her beef with Cardi rejuvenated her career that had gone pretty stagnant. Regardless of who you think ‘won’ that beef, Minaj definitely benefited from being mentioned next to arguably the hottest act out there at the time.

There was also the little spat she has with fellow retired rapper, Joe Budden, on her Queen Radio Station. That SCREAMED “look at me” from both parties involved and kiiiiinda seemed like a stunt just to get people talking about both of them.

But speaking of Cardi, her having a baby and creating a family while still putting out music makes Nicki’s reasoning behind retiring that more baffling. She wants to “retire and have my family” while there are rappers and artists out there that still continue making content while starting a family or doing whatever they have to do in their personal life. The notion of a rapper ‘retiring’ has always confused me a bit anyway. Most hip hip artists just slowly fade away when the game has passed them by or they just put out a single here or a feature there.

This all brings me to my main thought here. I don’t think Nicki Minaj is retiring to solely start her family. I think she sees the writing on the wall that she’s clinging to her last relevance and can’t handle it. So I stead of just putting out albums/mixtapes for the art of the culture, she’s just taking her ball and going home. Which is fine! Her die hard Barbz will always love her, but the game as a whole has changed. It’s the same thing with Eminem. He now just puts out music to showcase his skill. He knows he won’t have as much commercial success and he’s fine with that. Nicki chose to just give it all up instead of doing that, which again, is all good.

You can also tell outside criticism factored into this just by looking at the tweet. “I know you guys are happy now.” It’s almost like this is the only way she can get back at all her detractors or something. Which is also the same reason I think this ‘retirement’ is all bullshit. Just a ploy to get her name back in the news before she makes her grand return. And is honestly be here for that. When rapper come back spewing venom at their haters I LOVE that shit.

So farewell Nicki. Thank you for leaving us with countless catchy ass songs that we’ll be bumping at pregame parties for years to come. See you when you come back.

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