Do Your Job 3 and America’s Game Is Must Watch TV For Any Patriots Fan

These things never get old. Year after year, title after title, win after win, these Do Your Job’s and America’s Game specials never, ever get old. As a Pats fan, it’s pure pornography. Goosebump city. My palms still get sweaty watching the replay of the AFC Championship game against the Chiefs or the ball Goff lobbed up to Cooks before JMac tipped it at the last second in the Super Bowl.

Do Your Job is slightly geared towards your die hard Patriots fans. Having McDaniels and Belichick go through play after play, detail after detail, explaining why they ran certain looks is like watching two magicians give you a peak behind the curtain at their tricks. It’s mesmerizing.

Things like seeing how Josh was frustrated, as we all were, searching for a way to get this offense back on track in the Super Bowl. And once he found a play that worked, he ran that shit into the ground, 3 times in a row, ultimately resulting in that perfect throw from Brady to Gronk to get their team inside the 5 for the first time all game.

Or how Belichick is still pissed off about the no call on the illegal pick play that the Chiefs ran that was so obvious even their sideline wouldn’t have been upset if it got called. You can make contact within ONE yard, NOT FOUR YARDS!

Do Your Job was really centered around the relationship between Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels. How cohesive they are as a duo and how they have this mutual respect and trust for each other. Belichick even says at one point that he normally just let’s Josh do his thing and only gives him idea every once in a while. And what may come off as surprising to people who think Bill is some sort of a dictating tyrant, he doesn’t get mad when Josh disagrees with him! Shocking.

I could watch Bill Belichick go through every single play of every single game this season and be glued to my seat. This genius knows and remembers more about football than my entire bank of knowledge I have in my brain combined. It’s insane. When people want to debate who’s the best coach of all time, show them every single ‘Do Your Job’. That’s all you need. Oh, and the rings help too I guess.

Where you really get into the fun is during America’s Game. The McCourty twins, Gronkowski and Edelman sat down for this one and it was just as goosebump inducing as you’d imagine.

I have to get one thing out of the way here though. I need Devin McCourty to give me a pump up speech before every single major thing I do in my life. Actually, doesn’t even need to be a major thing, before I do anything in my life, I need a speech from DMac. Holy shit this man has found something he does almost as well as playing safety. I was ready to run through a brick wall and the first game of the season hasn’t even started yet! The “I wanna work next week” line before the Chargers playoff game struck me. This guy loves the grind of coming in week after week and putting in blood, sweat and tears for this team. Patriots Hall of Famer in my book.

One of my favorite parts form both specials are the numerous little clips we get of pundits and ‘experts’ across the nation repeatedly doubting this team over and over again. Especially knowing that once the Pats won their 6th Super Bowl, they all backtracked and claimed they never said any of it.

And a little self-promotion here. I made this pump up video for the Super Bowl last year and it uses a bunch of clips of people doubting this team. I’m not saying it’s the reason we won the ‘chip this year, but I’m also not saying that the team didn’t watch this and get THAT much more hyped

One thing that get’s brought here that I completely forgot about was Edelman’s AFC Championship game. 7 catches for 96 yards is great and all, but if his team didn’t win that game, we’d be singing a much different tune about him right now. Remember the muffed-but-not-really-muffed punt that had fans across the country standing inches from their television screen to see if the ball grazed his thumb or not?

Then remember how two plays later he let a ball tip off his hands and get picked off? Yeah, winning definitely glosses over a lot. But he played amazing in the Super Bowl so we’ll forgive Minitron.

Also with Edelman, there’s a show showing him driving to the stadium after his suspension was up in Week 5, and how they filmed this was perfection. The camera is facing him from the passengers seat and as he turns you see the “Gillette Stadium” sign come into view behind him. Blurry at first but then you see it crystal clear and it’s just a phenomenal shot. You gotta see it.

Back to the McCourty Brothers though. The path that Jason McCourty went on could literally be made into a movie. From the lowly Titans to the sad sack Browns to finally getting to the New England Patriots. And oh yeah, his twin brother is a stallworth on the defense he was about to join. Hearing how Devin legitimately called Belichick the second he saw his brother was available, getting no call back from over half an hour and then having Bill call him and tell him that they had just trade for his twin is awesome. Of all the feel good stories this team has created over the years, the tale of Jason McCourty has to be right up there near the top.

As for Gronk, it’s awesome to see him talk so passionately about the game that has caused him so much pain in his life. This guy really, really loves football. You can see it when he talks about each big moment of the season. Everything from the Miami Miracle to winning the Super Bowl. It’s gonna suck to see #87 of the field this year, but he’s earned his retirement. One other thing about Gronk, he’s not just some big meathead football player. This beast knows his stuff. There’s a clip of him talking about how he learned to only reach his arms out for the ball at the last second sot he defender can’t knock it away. And Belichick notices and gives him praise for it. Love ya Gronk.

I could talk about these things for 1,000 more words, but the last thing that really caught my eye was when Brady was interviewed on the field before going to play the Chiefs next week in the AFC Championship game. You know the clip….

“Everyone thinks we suck…and you know, can’t win any we’ll see. It’ll be fun”

That quote should’ve struck fear to everyone in Kansas City. The GOAT has heard everyone talking shit all year, and he’s pissed. You can tell in that clip too that, to the rest of the team, hearing Brady say that was as galvanizing as any win. While Brady was raked over the coals by talk show personalities (the same ones who said this team wasn’t going anywhere) for putting a fake chip on his teams shoulders once again, it was obvious that the entire team felt this way. And they proved once again that they’ve heard the noise, but they’re still here. And they were gonna prove it to you.

After all is said and done, I think Patriots fans and players alike know that there’s a definite expiration date for this dynasty. And that end is approaching faster and faster with each season. It should’ve ended numerous times by now if we’re being honest. Brady getting hurt, players coming and going at the drop of a hat, supposed infighting between coach/QB/ownership, Jimmy G in position to unseat Brady, coordinators leaving, retirement rumors and so much more. But through all of the noise, through all of the distractions, this team trudges on. The fact that we may be a few years from the end seemingly being the driving force behind every single player in that locker room. The window is shutting, sure. But you have 53 men giving it everything they got to hold it open for as long as they can. So strap in and get your popcorn ready. We’re coming for that 7th ring. LFG.

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