Nick Wright? More Like Nick WRONG!

The idiotic takes that come from people with deep rooted hatred or envy of the New England Patriots are some of my favorite things to see each year. And Nick Wright is almost always at the forefront of said idiotic thoughts:

First things first, people bringing up the offensive line like that’s now the achilles heel of this team is insane. Yes, David Andrews is a HUGE part of the line at the center position, but let’s not act like without him this line is trash. Ted Karras will step into the center role fine and already has familiarity with the system and his line mates. And if that doesn’t work, the Bills decided to help us out and give us their starting center in Russell Bodine.

Let’s not forget the man who’s running this O-Line either. The seasoned Jedi himself, Dante Scarnnechia. We’ll be fine.

Where we get the real asinine comment is when Wright so confidently states that HIS Kansas City Chiefs are not only the best team in the AFC, but the best team in the NFL! I think the defending Super Bowl Champs may have something to say about that. Especially since, you know, they beat KC both times the teams played last season.

But don’t worry, Nick does speak on those games. Stating how the Chiefs started off slow, but came back in the second half of each of them only to have their defense give the games up at the end. Both of those statements are true, but why are we acting like that’s not gonna happen again?

Andy Reid is an above average coach, sure, but that’s saying more about the state of coaches in the league right now as opposed to speaking to Reid’s actual skill level. The guy can’t seem to figure out timeouts/late game situations and has yet to really win any big games. Wright tries to defend that by saying the one time he did get to the Super Bowl he was coaching with ‘one hand tied behind his back’ because TO was injured. Last time I checked, Owens had an amazing game with over 100 yards receiving so that argument holds no weight.

He also says that the Chiefs were as close as anyone to beating the Pats last year, which again is true! But that was a year where Mahomes played out of his mind and the Patriots didn’t have the defense they have now. You like the odds of Kansas City being the same team they were last year? No thank you.

All that aside, I have one major problem with KC Nick or anyone else picking the Chiefs this year: they still don’t have a defense!

What’s the old adage in football? “Defense wins championships.” That was never more prevalent than last years Super Bowl where one of the most high-octane offenses in the game was held to 3 points. Again, defense wins championships and Kansas City’s defense is nonexistent.

Let’s take a quick look here: they moved on from D Coordinator Bob Sutton and are now going with Steve Spagnuolo. While that may be an upgrade of sorts, this is still a first year coordinator for the team. That’s a question mark.

They lost pass rushers Justin Houston and Dee Ford while adding Emmanuel Ogbah and Alex Okafor in their place. That’s a downgrade across the board. But I will say thank you to Dee Ford for lining up offsides and helping New England out before he left.

They lost defensive backs Steven Nelson and Eric Berry as well. Now, they added the Honeybadger Tyrann Mathieu which is definitely an upgrade, but Bashaud Breeland which is more of a lateral move in my eyes. So it’s an overall net win there, but not significant enough to really change much.

Take all that and add to the fact that Mahomes will most certainly regress from his MVP season last year with teams now having a full year of tape on him. If he still wants to do his no-look or sidearm passes that’s all fine and dandy. Just don’t expect it to work out like it did last year. He’ll regress back to the pack as will his team.

The bottom line is, dread it, run from it, destiny still arrives all the same. In this case destiny is Tom Brady and he’s come for his 7th ring.

One thought on “Nick Wright? More Like Nick WRONG!

  1. I don’t expect the Chiefs to be the pushover you’re thinking they will be. Mahomes, Hill, Kelce, Watkins, Hardman, Thompson, Williams, and McCoy are a collection that is good enough to average 30 points per game. Clark, Mathieu, and Thornhill give the defense a minor upgrade and that side of the ball will likely grade a D+, which beats the F+ from last season. NE beat KC twice last season, so yes the Patriots were the better team. But both games were decided on the final play, so he margin between the two teams is not as wide as you’re suggesting.


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