Lebron James Is Trying To Steal Taco Tuesday

This man needs to be stopped. He’s a clown. A villain. He’s the god damn Joker! Guy just wants to watch the world burn. Lebron James has done a lot of selfish things in his career, but I never thought it’d go THIS far.

You cannot take Taco Tuesday from us sir. You just can’t. You’re not God. As a recent fanatic of tacos themselves, I’m appalled.

When I first heard his news I thought it was a rib. There’s no way Bron Bron is trying to trademark a universally used phrase. It’s like trying to trademark ‘Happy Hour’. Which, come to think of it, would make so much more sense! You know, with obsession (addiction) to wine..

I’ve seen it said a bunch today but it’s very true: Taco Tuesday belongs to the people.

This goes to show you that nothing Lebron James does is pure. There’s always some sort of hidden, narcissistic agenda behind it. And this is a clear example of that. Something that many people thought, for some reason, was so cool and relatable only turned out to be another way for James to make everything about himself.

I’m starting to think Lebron doesn’t even like tacos. Have we ever actually seen him fully eat one? Is this all for show? Clearly it was his plan all along, but why go after something to pure and innocent like Taco Tuesday? Only a monstar would do that.

Lebron James is the dad who finds out what the kids think is ‘cool’ and ‘hip’, takes it, makes it his own and sucks any and all appeal out of it. He’s the radio station that plays the same song over and over so many times that you start to rebel against it. And I’m honestly afraid to say that I believe that’s what’s gonna happen here with Taco Tuesday.

But ladies and gentlemen, brother and sisters, friends, I’m here to tell you that we can NOT let this happen. Don’t let the bad guy win! We mustn’t forget the happiness that Taco Tuesday has brought each and every one of us. Just because this…this…thief of joy is trying to take that from you! Rage. Rage against the dying of the light. And rage against the False King.

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