Patriots Fans In A Panic Over Edelman Coming Out Of Preseason Game

No one likes when someone from their teams gets hurt during the preseason. It happens every year to numerous different players and each time the reaction is ridiculous and overblown. This is professional football. People get injured every single day. Julian Edelman was never going to be exempt, regardless of what time of year he played.

Jules injured his thumb in the offseason playing catch before reporting to the stadium for official workouts. After not playing the entirety of the preseason, the Patriots figured they’d get him some real feel snaps. *GASP* How dare they? And then of course, this happens.

Julian Edelman is a football player. Football players need to play football. That seems like a pretty straight forward way of thinking, but apparently people want him to be treated like a fragile Fran until meaningful games start next week. The most important offensive player this side of #12 has not played ONE single, solitary snap this preseason. Seems like a pretty reasonable thought process by the team to want to get him out there to knock some of that ring rust off right? I mean, Brady still goes out there and plays, so why should Edelman be any different?

But of course, he goes out there, makes a routine catch, gets tackled and falls on his thumb which he broke several weeks prior. The Football Gods are a cruel bunch. Jules jogged off the field, took his glove off, shook his wrist a bit and then acted completely and totally normal. He didn’t even get any medical attention.

But regardless of those facts, in true fanatic fashion, Patriot Nation went apeshit. I mean, if this is how everyone feels, why do the Patriots even field a team right? Just pack it in all the way to Week 1..

I repeat: Julian Edelman is a football player. A football player needs to play football in order to be ready for the regular season. That’s why you have 20 year veterans like Tom Brady still out there playing a little. If Edelman were healthy heading into this year, he would’ve played a bit last week and then most likely would have sat tonight. But he injured himself this offseason, so he needed to get some work in.

No one says a peep when Jules hurt himself working out before the season starts, but once he actually tries to get some game reps, THAT’S when everyone gets upset. Got it.

I’ve seen people bitch and moan up and down about how this is a meaningless game and how Edelman playing a few snaps won’t translate to regular season wins or some other fabricated reason to be upset over a football injury in a football game. If Edelman didn’t get hurt no one would’ve said a thing, you know why? Because deep down everyone understands that 11 needed to play a little this game to get his body ready for the season.

How many times do we hear retired players harping on the iomportant of getting reps in during the preseason because, regardless if the outcome is meaningless, getting into that state of mind and getting your body used to getting hit is very important. So when you say that Edelman didn’t need to play, just know that you are wrong. This isn’t like Gronk where he was wrapped in bubble wrap because of how players hit him. This is Jules. He’s the definition of grit. You think he didn’t want to be out there?

I’m as big a Pats fan as there is, and I had no issue whatsoever with getting Edelman some reps alongside Gordon and Thomas. Speaking of Thomas, he’s coming back from an injury too, where’s the outrage that he’s playing? And his injury was far more severe than Edelman’s broke thumb. Calm down Patriots fans. Julian is fine. The team is fine. We are all fine.

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