Andrew Luck Shocks The NFL And Retires

This is the most shocking news I’ve seen come out of the NFL for as long as I can remember. We’ve had players retire early, sure. Calvin Johnson immediately comes to mind especially since he was still playing so well. There have been more than a handful of linemen and linebackers retire well before they should. Hell, we even had Vontae Davis retire at halftime of a regular season game because he’d rather not play football anymore as opposed to going out there for one more snap with the Buffalo Bills.

But this just felt different.

Andrew Luck is a quarterback. This doesn’t happen at that position, especially with the rules being changed seemingly year by year in order to extend the life of the NFL QB. Not to mention Luck came into the league heralded as the best prospect at the position in decades. Oh, and he was given the reigns to a franchise previously manned by one of the best to ever to do it in Peyton Manning. And as big of a burden as that would be to any rookie QB, he met every expectation everyone set for him.

People tend to forget that. With how much he’s been injured recently, it’s easy to misremember his career. This guy was great when he first came into the league. He went 11-5 in each of his first 3 seasons tallying a total of 12,957 yards with 86 TD’s including the 2014 season where he led the league with 40. The point is, the kid could play football. And play well.

I mean, last season he was on the top of his game even WITH his lingering injuries!

With the voice and beard of a caveman, he gave his all trying to play through injury after injury for that Indy team. Most of said injuries were due to the front office basically refusing to provide any sort of offensive line or dependable running game to take the pressure of Luck. Resulting in a slew of injuries that would’ve sidelines any player.

All that makes the way his hometown crowd reacted to him that more deplorable.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: If you were one of the fans in attendance booing Andrew Luck, you deserve to have your fan card revoked and you are the worst type of fan there is. You suck. This guy gave everything he could to your team and now he decides to step away because of all the injuries he’s amassed BECAUSE of the team he gave his all for? Nah, that’s not how you treat a player like that. And Luck noticed.

I’ll be honest, when I heard the news and started reading reports, I got pissed at Luck too. That was because all the early reports were saying he “fell out of love with the game” and “wanted to travel the world with his wife”. THAT is a bullshit reason to leave the game you claimed to love. But as more info came out, you could tell he quote literally had his love for the game knocked out of him.

That’s sad. To see someone literally give up on their dream because it’s essentially killing them every single day is tough to imagine. That’d be like a blogger quitting blogging because with every letter he typed it felt like needles were being jabbed through their fingers. Eventually it’ll wear on you, no matter how passionate you are. And any blame should fall squarely on the Colts front office. I’d be terrified if I were Jacoby Brissett.

Throughout all the kind words, there’s always one turd in the punchbowl. And that turd in this case was Doug Gottlieb.

“Too hard.” Okay Doug, if we were talking about a guy who has suffered his first injury and is calling it quits, I’d get it. But Andrew Lucks career has been the complete opposite actually.

He attempted to come back after each and every one of those injuries. But eventually, it takes a toll on you and you have to know when to call it quits. So Doug Gottleib, from the bottom of my heart, please go fuck yourself.

The tweets from players who have actually played the game with Luck and understand his decision came in by the dozens though. And none were too happy with how that Colts crowd reacted to him either.

Looking at this from a purely football perspective, this team is screwed. I like Brissett, but this team is still screwed. And it’s another team off the board that could’ve possibly provided some sort of road block for the Patriots to once again come out of the AFC East. Also, looking back on it, how happy is McDaniels that he didn’t end up jumping ship and going over to Indy last year? Bullet dodged with that one!

Not to be swept under the rug here is that, with the retirement of real life Andrew Luck, we also get the retirement of Twitter Captain Andrew Luck. And that’s a god damn shame..

If you missed the boat on this accoutn while he was playing, I feel bad for you. Week in and week out Captain Luck provided some of the most entertaining tweets I’d see that week. It’s a shame he now has to ride off into the sunset. Thank you for your service sir.

All and all, it’s a shame that Luck had to retire. He was fun to watch and could throw the ball with the best of them when he wasn’t getting pummeled into the ground every other play. But with all the great games and moments in his career, nothing will top this.

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