Eric Reid Knocks Ben Watson Out Of Game With Hit To The Head

In case you don’t know who Eric Reid is, he was one of the first players to kneel with Colin Kaepernick against police brutality and continues to do so to this day. While the basis of this protest was pure, it’s become more about getting Kap his job back while still trying to fit in the whole police brutality thing that they were supposed to be kneeling for in the firs place.

I bring that up because it’s important. There has been a lot said about this topic this week with Jay-Z partnering with the NFL.

Ben Watson is a tight end for the Patriots and is also on the players coalition. That’s important because Reid had made comments this week about Jay-Z and the Players Coalition itself and how they “pretend to care” about social justice. Watson being very outspoken about his role in trying to help said cause, spoke up:

Take one look at Ben Watson’s social media feed and you’ll see that he very deeply cares about the cause that Reid and Kaepernick were kneeling for in the first place.

This leads us to what happened tonight:

If this was a rookie getting overexcited to deliver a hard hit and try to make a name for himself in his first game, I’d get it. It would still be a late hit, but there’d be some sort of explanation as to why it happened. If this was a playoff game, I’d get it. You go out there and deliver as many hits as you can and lay it all out there on the line in the playoffs. I get that.

Eric Reid is not a rookie. Eric Reid is playing in a preseason game. Eric Reid has been heralded as one of the best safeties in the league. Would a seasoned vet deliver this late of a hit to the head area in a preseason game? Maybe if he was trying to send a message, right?

And before you pull up this video, let me do it for you:

Notice he only goes over to Warson once Reid sees that he’s down. Immediately after the hit Reid gets up and starts to walk away like nothing happened. Watson either can’t get up or doesn’t want Reid to help him up, who knows. But is that supposed to make the hit okay? I’m sorry, but it sure as hell doesn’t. And before anyone tries to say “Well, maybe it was a bang bang play!” Here’s another angle:

Reid is 3 yards away when he sees Watson going down, watches him, changes his own direction so he can nail him in the head. That’s not a mistake. That’s an intentional hit to the head. Reid has attacked every single person he can who doesn’t have the same thought process as he does when it comes to kneeling and standing up for social justice. Does it seem out of the realm of possibility that he would take it out on someone on the field? Come on, this was done on purpose and Reid is a piece of shit for doing so.

Watson had to be brought to the back and had his helmet taken away from him, which is a sign that he will not be coming back into the game. What if Watson has a concussion? On a play that easily could have been avoided and has no place in a preseason game where nothing matters. The preseason is for players who are on the fringe of making the roster to play as hard as they can within the rules.

Eric Reid is in no danger of losing his roster spot. He was just trying to send a message.

One thought on “Eric Reid Knocks Ben Watson Out Of Game With Hit To The Head

  1. ALWAYS those certain ones that, for whatever warped reason is in their heads, take a good and fun thing –such as a preseason th game that doesn’t even count for anything, and turn it into a major confrontation blown all out of proportion! These types should be ousted from the game and banned from playing with any pro league again. Dawn it’s frightening to think that this kid could have been badly injured insuring the end of his pro th career; or even much worse killed! How horrible is that! I can only hope & pray that these types of actions; or bullying for the sake of a personally held belief or strong opinion on certain actions, be prohibited from playing any major or pro league games! Football is a dangerous enough sport and doesn’t need any help or improvisation to cause injury and great harm to another person because they don’t agree with your personal tenements or beliefs. This should be weighed and sacred on by the league authorities pronto to avoid a catastrophe from occurring. I love the game and DON’T want it to be banned or changed in any way. NO bullies on the field…none, nodna, zit. Now I’ve got a headache. BLAST IT!


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