Patrick Chung Likes Cocaine

So this popped up today, luckily after all the talk shows aired this morning because I’m sure this would be plastered all over Undisputed, First Things First and whatever program Rob Parker was on. Then we’d have to bring up all the last discretions by this team which would inevitably dissolve into how Brady is overrated and Belichick hates the team.

But on the surface this looks…not great. Cocaine is bad. Having it seem like a ‘drug raid’ is bad. But looking into it, is it reaaaaally that bad?

Now, I’m from New Hampshire. It’s really not all that exciting if we’re being completely honest. So you gotta do something to spice it up from time to time. Most people wouldn’t dive face first into a pile of cocaine like an extra on Wolf of Wall Street, but hey, to each their own.

He wasn’t selling it. He wasn’t arrested while driving under the influence. He wasn’t trying to get Tom Brady off his TB12 method with it. He just had it in his house somewhere. Which begs the question, did he just..have it out in the open? Spread out in the shape of the number ‘23’? What if he was just holding onto it for someone? That’s not illegal right!?

Apparently Chung’s security system was tripped and once the authorities responded, they had the right to enter his house and that’s when they found the coke.

Everything I’ve been reading says that’s any official ruling for how much time served won’t be done until NEXT March. So that means, unless Rodger wants to come down on the Patriots once again, that we’ll have our starting safety on the field for the entire year.

But since this is drug related, Führer Goodell may want to make an example of Chung and come down with a premature punishment. Whatever. Next man up!

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