Sony Decides To Take ‘Their’ Spider-Man And Go Home

Full disclosure here, I am unnaturally upset over this. So, if you’re looking for a level-headed blog about this, look elsewhere.

Fuck Sony.

What about this move makes any sense to those idiots over at Sony Pictures hmmm? You just had a Spider-Man movie cross the billion dollar mark and become the best selling movie your tone-deaf production company has ever put out, and then you do this? You decide to take Peter Parker OUT of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Let’s put my ‘fan’ feelings aside for a second here, does Sony think that they were the ones responsible for the success of this movie? Because I can assure you that is not the case. Spidey finally being back at home with Marvel is what propped this movie and franchise to new heights. No one gave a shit about those stupid Andrew Garfield movies. They sucked. And what happened after that? Sony came running to Marvel begging them to help revamp the greatest character ever created by Stan Lee. And then once they get a taste of success again, they think they can do it on their own? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

You think Amy Pascal should be trusted with the crown jewel of Marvel? That company can’t put together a good Spider-Man movie if their life depended on it. The Tobey McGuire movies were really good, but that time has passed and now all we’re left with is a group of people who have no idea how to put together a Spider-Man film and make it great. You know who does know how to do that? Kevin Feige! You know, they guy you were just working with you made you a SHIT TON of money?

***Puts ‘fan’ hat back on*** What sucks is all the potential and opportunity with having this partnership now goes right down the drain. No Norman Osborn. No Sinister Six. Nothing. Now Sony has their big dumb hands back on this property and they’ll inevitably run it into the ground because that’s all they know how to do.

Remember this?

The sad part is that Tom Holland is still locked into two more movies as the wallcrawler. You think he’s happy about this? He’s in a lame duck franchise now that fans across the country are now rebelling against solely because Sony got greedy. They really don’t see what they’re doing here do they? I hope they see every single tweet or post of backlash against this move and rethink it. Because I can guarantee this, any Spider-Man movie they do will barely do HALF of what Homecoming did. No one wants to see another Spider-Man movie under the Sony banner. No one.

Don’t take my word for it either, look:

I hope this company goes borderline bankrupt before they come running back to Marvel with their tails tucked between their legs.

I hate this. I hate everything about this. What’s Sony’s plan now, huh? A crossover with Venom? No one really cares to see that unless it’s under the Marvel umbrella. That lame ass Morbius movie they got coming soon with Jared Leto? I don’t think they hype could be any less for that piece of garbage. They have nothing. They tasted success BECAUSE of their association with Marvel and now they think they’re big enough to take the training wheels off. I can’t wait to watch them fall on their faces.

Everyone having the same reaction right now should be a sign to Sony that the screwed up.

This just sucks. It really does. Remember how the last Spider-Man ended? J Jonah Jameson was back. Spidey had been unmasked to the world. Him and MJ were swingin’ around! Rumors that Oscorp had bought the Avengers Tower! The phenomenal relationship they build up between Tony and Peter! And now nothing. None of the seeds planted by Feige and the genius’ over at Marvel will ever come to fruition. Today is a sad day for Spider-Man and Marvel fans, a sad day indeed.

Thanks for the greatest portrayal of both Peter Parker and Spider-Man that we have ever seen Tom Holland.









I was just about to post this and then I saw THAT! WE MAY BE OKAY FOLKS! Maybe this was just a power play by Sony you know? Putting that report out there to scare Marvel into meeting their demands. Oh god please let them come to a deal. Do it for the fans!

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