NXT Is Going To USA And The ‘Monday Night Wars’ Are Back

Here we go. NXT was WWE’s developmental brand not unlike any other sort of feeder system to any of your major sports. What originally started as FCW with athletes likes John Cena, Batista, Seth Rollins and many more has now evolved into it’s own major brand. With major players like Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, Velveteen Dream, and many many more, NXT is really the place to be in WWE.

It’s to the point now where, when people get ‘called up’ from NXT to Smackdown or RAW, that some consider it a demotion of sorts.

And there is one main reason for that. Triple H.

Trips has had creative control over the brand for years now and night in and night out, NXT outperforms anything that the major two USA shows do. And on weekends where a major PPV with the main roster is happening, NXT: Takeover routinely dominates the weekend both with better wrestling and more consistent storylines.

Superstars have more creative freedom over their matches and promos. They can take more risks. Things just seem more natural and not over produced to death like your regular WWE programming does. And the fans are eating it up.

Now, of course, since NXT is gonna be on cable television now, it’s only a matter of time before Vince McMahon get’s his old, grubby mitts on it and tries to change what made this brand so great. One can only hope that Vince gets distracted with the XFL and running RAW and Smackdown so that Triple H can maintain as much control as possible. Because let me tell ya, if that happens, NXT will eventually gain better ratings than the other two main roster shows. That’s not even up for debate. It’ll only be a matter of time before superstars will want to make the jump to NXT so they can have a little more freedom to do what they’d like.

The main reason this is an industry-shaking move isn’t just because NXT is getting brought up to the big leagues, but because of the night it’s getting slotted in and what other wrestling show is gonna be making its debut just 2 weeks later.

With the help of former WWE superstars Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho, and Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose) along with Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks and more, All Elite Wrestling is coming. And they have their sights set on being the number one wrestling promotion on Wednesday nights. And quite frankly, they have the potential. Their owner has enough money to buy Vince McMahon a few times over, they have at least as much talent as WWE, they have more realistic feeling promos and they have the all important ‘buzz’ that this industry thrives on.

Remember the Monday Night Wars? Where WCW came oh so close to knocking down the giant that is WWE? Well, that’s what we have here ladies and gentlemen. Except this time, management is more stable and more confident with their own talent that they’re just gonna go out there and force to to notice them. Force you to change the channel from NXT to AEW on Wednesday nights.

Pay attention Vince. Your monopoly on American wrestling may be coming to and end.

P.S. I live, literally, two lights down from Full Sail University and I have yet to go to ONE NXT show. It’s embarrassing. But, if you think I’m not gonna be a regular at these shows, think again. WE ARE NXT!

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