Antonio Brown Is Quickly Wearing Out His Welcome In Oakland

That’s about as close and you’ll get to a GM saying, “Hey dumbass, get back on the field, get your shit together or we’re gonna have a problem.” And I love it.

The term ‘Dive Wide Receiver’ is just an excuse for a player to act like an ass and get away with it because ‘that’s just the mentality of the position’. Bullshit. Act like an adult, not a petulant child who takes their ball and goes home when they don’t get their way.

I understand that Brown has a foot injury from going overseas to get cryotherapy, but he needs to be at the Raiders facility as much as he can. The guy is super talented, yes, but he still needs to build rapport with Carr and the rest of the offense. Talent can only get you so far when you don’t know the offense inside and out. And all signs point to Gruden’s offense being pretty complex meaning ya can’t learn it just by reading. You have to be on the field and with your team. Not causing distractions.

Holding out because the league wouldn’t let you wear your old ass helmet is a distraction.

Bringing up retirement in a post on Instagram because of said helmet ‘issue’ and then acting like you didn’t do that is a distraction.

Tweeting THIS is a distraction:

I know AB just signed a big deal with Oakland, but everyone can be traded. And with an annual salary right around $17 million per year, there’ll be a team out there that’ll be willing to eat that.

But guess what? You think Brown cares? Nope. Why would he? He got paid. He got his money. He shot his way out of one of the most storied franchises in NFL history, you think he cares about where he plays? Or his legacy? No. Anytime AB talks about his future or anything like that, it’s always stat based. He wants to pass Jerry Rice in yards. Not once did he mention Super Bowls as a prominent goal.

Maybe I’m just spoiled with the mentality of my quarterback and my team, but titles should mean more than individual stats.

When players retire, what gets brought up the most? Championships. Sure, if you have your name in the record books it’ll get talked about. But there’s always the caveat of “yeah, he had the most _________, but he never won the big one.” Dan Marino, Cris Carter, and Eric Dickerson were all phenomenal players, but what always gets brought up when discussing them? How they haven’t won a Super Bowl.

You know that fact eats away at them. Legends want titles. Superstars want individual accolades. You tell me which one Antonio Brown is.

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