What Are We Teaching Our Little Leaguers Nowadays!?

I understand we’re supposed to make sure our up and coming child athletes appreciate the game and have fun. I’m 100% for that. Go out there and have fun, especially when you’re this young. But what in the freaking heck is this!?

Sportsmanship is overrated. The only show of sportsmanship that I’m for is the handshakes at the end of a hockey game. And maybe if a player breaks some sort of historic record off you. That’s where the list ends.

If a kid hits a bomb off you in the LLWS, by no means should you EVER be high fiving him! I don’t know what the heck the coach is doing down there, but someone has to reevaluate his system. In what world should you congratulate someone for hitting a bomb off you to put your team down 2-0!? I get that they’re kids but that’s no excuse! What type off message are we sending if we let this slide!?

Where’s the competitiveness!? Showing respect is great and all, but when I’m on the mound and you’re at the plate, sportsmanship goes out the window. You’re my enemy when we step on that field. Now, I wouldn’t talk crap to you after you take me deep, but you can bet your butt I’m not gonna disrupt you running the bases just to dap you up.

If I ever did this when I was playing baseball my dad would’ve been furious. And so would my teammates! If this kid is out here applauding the opposing player for succeeding against him he’s gotta be taken out of the game! What’s gonna happen when he strikes someone out? Is he gonna pat them on the back and tell em “you’ll get me next time, don’t worry. I’ll toss a meatball up there for you”.

And get a loud of the announcers too! They’re all for it!

“And ya gotta love the sportsmanship..”


I don’t know man. If this is what’s going on in the little leagues for sports, then I don’t wanna see how the majors is gonna look 10 years from now when these overly nice kids are playing.


P.S. Out of respect to the children, I’d like it to be noted that I used to cuss words here. You’re welcome kids!

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