Josh Gordon Is Back!!


Josh Gordon is coming back to the Patriots. That sentence should send team owners into a frenzy. You’re giving the greatest quarterback of all time the best weapon he’s had since Randy Moss.

Now obviously the elephant in the room is Gordon’s ongoing drug (weed) issues. Everyone thought last year that he was going to be able to reform himself once he got to New England but sadly that just wasn’t the case. But maybe after almost a year of bettering himself and having the full support of every single person on the Patriots, this time will be different.

It’s been reported that Tom Brady has reached out to Gordon personally this offseason to check up on him and the love that the rest of the team has for him goes unsaid. Edelman loves the guy, I mean he’s involved him in numerous posts he’s done on Instagram.

If I’m New England, I put his locker right next to Brady. I know that a lot of people won’t think that’ll do anything, but having your locker next to someone of Tom’s stature means something to Gordon. He’s had nothing but great things to say about the quarterback since he arrived so you know the respect is there between the two.

Of course you want Gordon to be thrust back into a pivotal spot on this offense, but I think you gotta ease him back in. Make sure that he is healthy and stays healthy. Both mentally and physically. And I believe Coach Belicheck will do that. Because let me tell ya, when Josh Gordon is focused and on his game, he has the talent to be a top receiver in this league. I don’t care what anyone says. His speed has dwindled a bit, but he’s still a massive human and strong as all hell.

If Gordon can keep his head on straight and produce for this team, they have a pretty potent offense. Edelman, Gordon, Harry, Dorsett, Thomas, Watson and the cache of running backs all at Brady’s disposal. And with the running game hopefully taking another step forward this year, that’s gonna open up some passing lanes for number 12 to spread the ball around to whoever he wants.

I can’t wait for this season.

And Josh, one last word of advice……

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