The Fiend Is The Best Thing Going In The WWE

Bray Wyatt has always had immense potential, both as a character and in ring, but Vince and WWE seem to never be able to push him to where he should be.

BUT…..but….it seems like that has changed.

I introduce to you, The Fiend!

Holy shit. After weeks of build up and making this character so god damn cool, the WWE hit it out of the park. From the entrance, to the look, to the revamped lantern that’s just regular Bray Wyatt’s face!

I don’t know who thought of that backstage, but that’s perfect. Everything with this character has been perfect so far actually. I especially liked how Bray wrestled while wearing the Fiend mask. I wasn’t sure if he’d be able to perform with it on, but he did, and he did it to perfection.

Wyatt has such a grasp on this character that it honestly sometimes seems like he’s forgetting that this is all an act. Like, if you say Bray out in public and he was acting like the Fiend you wouldn’t be surprised. That’s how good this damn guy is.

From his mannerisms to the way he was yelling/arguing with himself a bit in the ring to that weird move where it looked like he snapped Balor’s neck. It all worked perfectly!

The only critique I would have, if you can even call it that, is that I would’ve had Wyatt get even more aggressive. I wouldn’t had him beat the ever living shit out of Balor and once he went for the pin, he’d pick Finn up at 2 just so he can continue beating on him. But I can’t say I’m upset with the match we got though. It was great and a very solid way to introduce in-ring Fiend to the WWE Universe.

I can’t wait to see where the Fiend goes from here. I don’t think he needs to challenge for a title. I never thought the original Bray ever needed a title either. But in this case, I would just keep the Fiend going from superstar to superstar and attacking them and taking them out one by one. Have him fight people that Bray Wyatt 1.0 battled but have him destroy them all. Then eventually build it up for a Fiend vs Demon match at Mania.

Book it.

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