SHOCKER! Antonio Brown Won’t Be Retiring

I knew this guy was full of shit. Before all this nonsense about the helmet started, you could just tell. I mean, I knew he was an ass with all the peacocking and throwing furniture off a balcony almost hitting a child, but still. This guy is full of empty threats and empty stats.

This news broke today regarding AB and this ongoing feud with a helmet:

So Brown then puts up this Instagram post in response to the leagues ruling basically proving that his strange threat to retire, really was nothing but a narcissist just trying to get attention:

From this:

To this:

Looks like young-in DON’T got doe after all.

Now Antonio Brown will be forced to wear a league regulated helmet that is safer than the helmet he wears now. His helmet is literally so old that the company that makes it isn’t producing them anymore. The NFL is basically forcing him to lessen the chance of getting a career ending brain injury and this putz has the balls to throw a hissy fit over it.

I’m not even being sarcastic, he literally threw a temper tantrum. There’s a glorious thread by Michael Silver that details the entire ordeal.

The guy storms off the practice field and then tries to come back with the same helmet painted to look like a Raiders one. That’s psychotic. That old helmet he’s been wearing clearly hasn’t been working since these are clearly the signs of a man who has been hit one too many times in the noggin. Throwing a fit like a spoiled little brat who didn’t get their way isn’t the best route to getting what you want.

Antonio Brown is that hot girl who never gets turned down or told ‘no’ and when it finally happens, their fragile ego has no idea how to take it so they lash out.

So now we just sit and wait for those nasty frost bitten toes to heal so we can resume our regularly scheduled programming of AB causing a distraction while physically with the team.

But I gotta say, it takes a special type of head case to cause so much trouble with a team when he hasn’t even shown up for 2 weeks. Remarkable. Whatta talent this guy is.

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