Can We Put The Brady Drama To Bed Yet?

For some odd reason, there seems to be this fetish from reporters who desperately want Tom Brady and the New England Patriots to dislike each other. It’s this weird high that they all seem to get whenever they write or talk about the so called dissension between the two sides. And hard as they try, Brady and the team continue to prove them wrong at every turn.

Today is no different.

Tom Brady went on the Greg Hill Show this morning and had some pretty great quotes if you’re a fan of this team.

When asked about selling his house, the quarterback said this:

I hope all the local and national media stooges pay attention to the first two sentences. When asked if we should be reading into anything about him putting his house up for sale, Brady once again puts everyones minds at ease for a final time. “I certainly hope not. You shouldn’t read into anything.” I mean, I’m not sure how much clearer he can get here. But don’t worry, people like Ben Volin or Rob Parker will look at that and say, “Yeah sure, but look at the verbiage. He certainly ‘hopes’ not? That’s not definite!” Eye roll.

He once again lets everyone know that he is not worried about this contract negotiation. “We’ll just worry about that when that happens.” Those are the words of a man who has the utmost confidence that a deal is going to get done. But the media will have their blinders on here and only see and hear what they want.

Let’s get to another part that should make Pats fans all warm and fuzzy across the world:

TOM BRADY IS FINISHING HIS CAREER WITH THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS. If he had any sort of inclination that the team did not feel the same way, he’d be answering these questions much differently. How many times does this man have to say that this is where he wants to be and that he loves this team and how great his relationship is with everyone in management?

This quote also sheds light on what separates Brady from all the other diva QB’s in the league. Your quarterback cares about all the noise and his contract and how much money he’s getting. My quarterback cares about this season and what it’s gonna take for his team to be focused and to succeed. My quarterback doesn’t undermine his coach every chance he gets either, Mr. Rodgers.

He literally says that none of this needed to be decided this year. He’s not like Zeke Elliott where, with two years left on his deal, that guy is holding out. Nope. Brady knows he is secured for this year, so he’s good to go. That’s all the GOAT needs. He recognizes the unique circumstances of his age and all that so he’s content where he’s at. Like I’ve been saying since all this hullabaloo started. Tom Brady is fine with this, so why aren’t we? How many times are we gonna hear him talk about how great his relationship is with this organization, only to have people like Tom E Curran say “Yeah, but…..” How many times is this man gonna say he plans to play until he’s 45 while people like Shannon Sharpe say “I’m still convinced this is his last year!”

So I hope you all enjoy everyone picking this interview apart and trying to poke holes in every little thing Brady said. If you’re a fan of this team and this player, you know everything is going to be fine.

Like our man Lil Wayne said, you can’t bet against Tom Brady.

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