Tom Brady Is Being Traded And The Dynasty Is Over! Or Something Like That

It never gets old. It really doesn’t. For the last, what, 5 years we’ve heard how Brady hates Belichick or how Belichick hates Brady or how Bill wants to prove himself without Brady and vice versa. And as the noise continues, so do the Super Bowls. Weird.

And this recent bullshit is no different. Brady could be traded!?

Newsflash, regardless if Brady had a contract extension or not, he could always be traded. The low cap number he has makes it so any year, Tom Brady could be traded from the New England Patriots. But if you think that is going to happen, you are the dumbest of the dumb. Or you’re a fan of the Chiefs, Chargers, Steelers, Ravens, or any other team that simply can’t win as long as this dynasty continues. You’re just hoping it happens so you’re piss poor team can finally play in the last game of the year.

Tom Brady’s contract being voided at the end of the year is surprising, sure, but why are we acting like this is not a certainty that he’s gonna hit free agency and all of the sudden make a complete character change that of which we’ve never seen even the slightest hint of? When had Brady ever been all about the money? He’s arguably the biggest ‘team first’ guy in the history of the NFL!

What most likely happened is that the Patriots and Brady had a meeting and decided this is what’s best. To go on a year by year basis and evaluate everything at the end of each season. Which is not a big deal people! We are all in uncharted waters here! Never has a quarterback this old played this good and been so vital to a teams success. It would be financially irresponsible to give a 42 year old quarterback any sort of long term deal, regardless of the name on the back of his jersey.

And Brady is fine with that! You can tell by the way he answers any question about his contract. He has the utmost respect and trust for his team and you all should as well. He knows that if he proves his worth, the Pats will sign him. He’s betting on himself. Something that fragile-minded QB’s are too afraid to do (cough cough Aaron Rodgers cough cough). If anything, this deal gives Brady more power than he’s ever had. If he doesn’t like where the team is going or what’s going on, he can have a frank conversation with Kraft and Belichick about it just like they can with him.

And yes, the Patriots move on from players a year early more often than not. But when you’re talking about the GOAT, you have to skew your thinking a bit. I’m not saying New England is gonna keep a guy who can’t even get the ball 25 yards down the field, I’m saying that the very fact that they’re doing a contract negotiations like this show that they’re viewing this differently. They know how important he is to the team, but they just want to make sure that this magical ‘cliff’ isn’t going to just pop up and mess up their entire cap situation.

But then this news dropped and everyone started losing their minds:

And then you get the local media shitheads like Tom E. Curran and Ben Volin who immediately see this as a sign that the end is near.

People move. People get sick of their houses and decide to relocate somewhere else. Why is this a story? And then it was reported that I guess the house was then taken off the market? But it was still technically on the market? I don’t know. This seems like one of those ‘much ado about nothing’ situations.

And now after the first preseason game, there’s gonna be even MORE talk about the team moving on from their star quarterback. You know, since Hoyer looked ‘great’ and that Jarrett Stidham fellow looked like he could take the starting spot! *YAWN*

The bottom line is this: The Patriots trust Brady. Tom trusts the team. Nothing that has to do with this contract negotiation has changed that. Brady is betting on himself and the team is counting on Brady to come through. Which he will because he’s Tom freaking Brady. In no way is this yet another sign that there is some sort of underlying hatred between everyone involved. You also have to look at it this way, injuries are a real thing in a contact sport. If Brady gets hit the wrong way, his career could be over. That’s a reality that grows closer and closer as Tom ages. I’m sure the team knows that and they just want to cover themselves.

It doesn’t matter how close you are with a player, this is still a business. The Patriots want to protect themselves somehow and Brady seems to be perfectly fine with it. You know why? Because Tom Brady still has every intention of playing until he’s 45 ON THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS and the team would be more than happy to oblige. If you think otherwise, I’m sure that’s just jealousy and envy rearing it’s ugly head once again.

Strap in Patriots fans, this year should be fun.

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