Bernie Sanders Should Be Our Next President

I’m as non political as they come. Couldn’t care less about politics if were being honest. I don’t care to educate myself on the topic either. You can say that’s ignorant or whatever but I don’t really care. Our country is s trees up to the point where nothing we do or choose is gonna change that. One President gets elected and puts his policies in place, another President gets elected and tries to change said policies while trying to instill his own and the process goes on and on. It’s an insane merry go round that will never stop. Nothing will ever get done.

And, if you weren’t aware, the entire world is controlled by a handful of people anyway so we’re all just puppets in their dark, twisted game.

That being said, Bernie Sanders needs to be our next President. Why?

That’s my President!

Listen, it’s pretty easy to get me on your side. Say you’re gonna divulge information about aliens/UFO’s and I’m in. I’m easy like that.

Sure did he sound a bit lighthearted and sarcastic? Of course. But if I know Big Time Bernz, he did that on purpose. He doesn’t want the ‘higher-ups’ knowing he legitimately plans to disclose all that sensitive info. So what does he does? Plays it off as somewhat of a joke so no one is the wiser. Brilliant.

If I were a candidate, that would be my platform I’d run on. Will I lower the unemployment rate? Who knows. Will I lower taxes? Maybe. Will I bring on universal healthcare? Couldn’t tell ya. Stricter gun laws? No idea.

But one thing I CAN definitively tell you, my fellow Americans, is that I will, without a shadow of a doubt, let the country in on our aliens secrets. This I promise you.

My name is Mike Sullivan, and I approve this message!

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