Wanna See The Worst Rapper List Of All Time?

Listen, I’m a big hip-hop guy. Love rap. Even though I’m more of a lyrical rap guy, I still try to dabble in all types. Except mumble rap. Never mumble rap. I’ll never claim to be the biggest historian of all time, but I like to think I know my stuff or at least a good amount. And let me tell you, this legitimately may be the worst “Greatest Rappers” list these eyes have ever seen.

I don’t know exactly how popular lean is anymore, but whoever the hell made this list had to be 10 cups deep while simultaneously shoving multiple heroin needles in their ass while getting yet another face tattoo. Who made this? Do we know? I haven’t seen anyone come forward. Do we have people on a manhunt for this moron? We can’t let stupidity like this just run rampant in our streets.

First of all, a top 50 of Rappers, or anything for that matter, is just ridiculous. That’s just WAY too many and once you get out of the top 10-15 the spots don’t really mean much and can become very interchangeable. But yet here we are.

The thing about lists regarding the music industry is that they are very, very tough to back up. They’re all strictly opinion unless you’re going based up record sales, which would be idiotic nowadays. With sports you can refer to stats and wins but with hip-hop it’s tough.

But please let me be crystal clear here, in no world, in this galaxy or another, should Joe fucking Budden be ranked above Tupac. That alone invalidates this entire list and gives anyone the right to destroy it and definitively say it is wrong. Was Joe the one who came up with this? I know I just said that lists are strictly opinion based so it’s tough to be right or wrong, but in this case, you are wrong. Never mind Fabolous being above Andre 3000 or Mase being above Big Pun. There’s like..3 rappers ever that could even be in the conversation to be above Pac. And Budden is NOT one of them.

I’m not arguing with the top spot even though I do disagree with it. Granted, I think Jay belongs very high up on everyone’s list, but in my eyes, he wouldn’t take the top spot. But I wouldn’t turn you away if you tried to argue him being there. Nas deserves to be up there too but those are really the only things correct about this list.

This is the problem with lists that go longer than 15. 50 is too many. It’s almost an insult to be on this list past like…20.

Along with Joe Budden being about 40 spots too high at the very least, there are some major problems and omissions from this ‘list’.

How is KXNG Crooked not on this list? How is Joell Ortiz not on this list? You picked, arguably, the weakest member of Slaughterhouse and put him above legends and couldn’t even fit in the rest of his group? And while we’re on that topic, Royce should never be out of anyone’s top 10, never mind not even getting into the top 20. That’s despicable.

How about Tech N9ne? Tech is better than about 2/3’s of this group. And that’s not up for discussion. You gonna try to debate with me that Cam’Ron has a place here, but one of the greatest double-time rappers of all time doesn’t? Get outta here with that nonsense.

And I know anyone who knows me knew it was only a matter of time before I brought this up, but how is Eminem so far back? He’s not better than DMX? Common? Drake? Come on. I don’t care what you think of his music right now, he is top 10 at least.

Another issue with this list is what’s the criteria? Are we talking about overall impact? Lyrics? Flow? Mainstream success? Or a combo of everything? But regardless, this list is so screwed up that I’m surprised Macklemore isn’t above Redman or Cardi B didn’t pop up somewhere on here. That’s how asinine this list is to me.

I think when it comes to rap lists you should always keep it as short as possible. If you start going long then you run the risk of overthinking it and putting people in that shouldn’t be there.

When it comes to my ranking in Hip-Hop, I feel like a lot of spots are always moving since artists are constantly putting new music out. I personally like to just list my top 3 because I know that no matter what anyone puts out or whatever they would put out, nothing is gonna change with them.

3. Tech N9ne

2. Tupac

1. Eminem

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