Potential Hold Out, Tom Brady, Finally Signs Extension

Phew!!! I don’t know about you guys, but I for one was terrified that this wouldn’t get done. We don’t need our star quarterback holding out over a measly little contract extension. Brady finally get’s his 2 year extension and will be paid a whopping $23 MILLION this year.

Even though I’m speaking with a hint of sarcasm there, I am very relieved that this deal finally got done. Hearing shitheads like Ben Volin, Nick Wright and other media pundits say how this is potentially going to be an issue was getting pretty fucking frustrating.

I didn’t even want to write a blog about this because it’s such a non-story. Who didn’t think this was getting done? Seriously.

What these imbeciles don’t understand is that you’re not dealing with your run of the mill diva football player like Rodgers or Elliott or anyone else who will hold out or try their hardest to break the bank with a contract. You’re dealing with the biggest ‘team first’ guy in the league who also doubles as the greatest to ever freaking do it.

The fact that Brady is only the SIXTH highest paid at his position is laughable by the way. This guy deserves $40 million a year easy. But you know what makes him the GOAT? At the end of the day winning is the best compensation he could be given for this on the field play and overall impact to his teams success. That’s why he will always be better than the Rodgers or the Roethlisbergers of the world. These players can’t seem to understand that being the highest paid and taking up so much of your teams salary cap does NOT equal championships.

Don’t believe me? Brady has 6 rings. Rodgers and Big Ben have 4 combined. It’s a proven path to success that quarterbacks or other players around the league just don’t get. That’s why I find it funny when people like Rob Parker (unblock me on twitter you coward) minimize the fact that Brady, year in and year out, restructures his contract and makes it easier for his team to make moves. They like to say that it’s not a big deal and that it’s easy and it’s not like Brady is actually sacrificing anything.

Well then, riddle me this, if it’s so easy and simple then why doesn’t ever quarterback or star player do it? I mean, everyone claims that team success and titles is what they’re chasing right? But Brady is really the only one who acts on his words. Just another reason Brady is better than you will ever be.

The quest for 7 is on bitches. Get on board or get the hell out of the way. The real King is coming to defend his throne.

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