Happy Birthday To The Greatest Of All Time, Tom Brady

There are a lot of different religions out there. And each of them have some sort of God-like figure that they worship or pray to. In the Northeast Region of the United States, our religion is sports, and our deity is Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.

Let’s also quickly shed light on the fact that despite the ‘Jr’ at the end of his name, Brady has not adopted this new trend that’s sprouted up these last few years where everyone adds ‘Jr’ or ‘Sr’ on the backs of their jerseys. If the person you’re related to isn’t playing in the league, we don’t need to know that you’re a Jr or Sr. No one cares.

Anyway, I could sit here and dive deep into all the amazing stats Brady has put up over his career or how many Super Bowls he’s been to and how many he’s won. I could bring up the fact that he is the oldest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl. If I was so bold, I could even talk about how, in an age where everyone is all about themselves and how they can further their brand, Brady has always put his team first.

I could mention that he overcame the biggest Super Bowl deficit of all time and won said game in overtime which was another first for the Super Bowl. Beating the league MVP in the process.

But you all already know he did that.

I could talk about how he went toe to toe with the Legion of Boom. You remember them right? Entering the 4th quarter down 10 against the Seahawks is a position no team wants to be in. But no team in that position has had number 12 under center. Brady marched his team down the field to take the lead late in the game. After an superhuman 13 or 15 for 124 yards and 2 touchdowns, the rest was history.

I’d be crazy to bring up how last year, at the ripe age of 41, Tom Brady came up big when it mattered most. After a game dominated by defense, Brady said enough was enough and brought his team, and his legacy, another Lombardi trophy.

Like I said, I could dive into all those things, but I won’t. You were there. You know how great this man is.

How great is he though, you ask? Can I interest you in: Most regular season wins (207), most touchdowns thrown to different receivers (71), most division titles (16), most playoff games started (40), most playoff wins (30), most playoff touchdowns (73), most playoff passing yards (11,179), most Super Bowl appearances (9), most Super Bowl wins (6), most Super Bowl MVP’s (4), most Super Bowl TD’s (18), most Super Bowl yards (2838).

There are numerous other records and milestones I could rattle off for you, but I’m not a big stat guy. I’ll leave that to the Nick Wright’s of the world.

What my city likes to go by is championships. You know what a lot of those stats have in common? Most of them happen in the playoffs or Super Bowl, when the pressure is at it’s peak and all the chips are on the table. When the going gets tough, Tom Brady laughs and shoves his SIX rings down your throat and stomps on your grave while throwing a 20 yard laser to Edelman over the middle.

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the rise of these great young QB’s. Mahomes. Wentz. Prescott. Mayfield. Murray. Luck. Rodgers. And I genuinely feel bad for these guys. Because as long as this man is patrolling this mountain top, you best find another hill to climb or just wait at the bottom until the bows out and allows you to fight for his throne. You might break through here and there, but best believe that there’s only one king of the jungle here, and he resides in New England.

The new thing people like to do now is throw caveats when trying to downplay Brady’s greatness. He’s the most accomplished which makes him the greatest, but he’s not the most talented. He’s the greatest, but he’s not the best. Rodgers is a better ‘thrower of the football’. Brady is a product of Belichick and the system. Tom Brady has 6 Super Bowl wins, but he lucked and cheated his way to all of them.

Talk all you want, but nothing changes the facts. Put whatever spin on it you need to in order to sleep better at night. Tom Brady is the greatest of all time. And guess what? You all still got 3 more years of this!

So on this day, take a minute to give thanks to the GOAT.

Thomas of House Brady, 2nd of his name, ruler of the 8 Divisions, Protector of the Lombardi, Father of Wins, The Immortal, The Breaker of Records, Baddest Motherfucker On The Planet and the King of the North.

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