Did Lebron James Just Earn My Respect?

What is this world coming to. Has Lebron James gone and done the unthinkable by making me actually kinda, sorta respect something he did?

I mean, other than Aaron Rodgers, this guy is Public Enemy #1 in my eyes. But then he does this.

I’m genuinely baffled by my emotions towards this, so I’m gonna use this blog to talk myself through it.

First things first, I LOVE when athletes take the “F The World” approach when it’s warranted. I mean, the Patriots go back to that well whenever they need a galvanizing force to propel them to yet another Super Bowl. It also shows that these athletes DO listen to what is said about them, regardless of what they say.

It’s a rare glimpse into the reality that athletes are real people like us. If someone is talking shit about you constantly, you’re gonna speak up. There’s nothing more frustrating when an athlete acts like they don’t hear ‘the noise’ or that it doesn’t effect them. I call bullshit every single time.

So I will commend Lebron for publically, generally calling everyone out for shit talking him. It’s almost like when Eminem came out and ethered the entire rap game who’s been looking down on him. Love it.

Speaking of ‘ether’, nice little hip hop reference in there too by Bron Bron.

But this post isn’t all great. I hate the stupid smiley emoji. My man, if you’re about to come at these youngins throats, you best not be smiling like a dweeb.

And that may actually be one of my BIGGEST problems with the post come to think of it. Bron Bron is almost scared to take a definitive stance against people coming for ‘his throne’. So what does he do? Tries to lessen the blow by adding a smiley as to try to make sure that no one stays upset with him. They guy is terrified of being the villain. Bitch-made.

And what stuck out to me immediately was the use of the word ‘to’ when ‘too’. This infuriates me every single time some dumbass does this. It’s right up there with the “There, Their, They’re” issue. It’s not difficult people. Did you not go to school? Are you an idiot? Lebron, even if you mistyped or something, someone on your #JamesGang had to of seen this am urged you to correct it. Or maybe you just surround yourself with so many ‘yes men’ that no one has the balls to say it to you.

And wait a minute, does he understand why the throne has been played with too much? YOU WEREN’T GOOD ENOUGH TO PROTECT IT LAST YEAR! That’s on YOU Queen.

Gotta respect the fact that he’s putting pressure on himself to come back to form though. Ugh. God damnit I think I like this move by a Bronny Sr.

Or maybe I don’t. Ugh.

I reserve the right to change my opinion. He’s gotta keep up with this persona now. The wounded warrior who only lost his place because he wasn’t there to defend it. And now that he’s back, he’s gonna take it out on anyone and everyone.

But the more likely path here, is that we’ll get more corny ass Taco Tuesday videos and more ‘Politician Lebron’ where he’s afraid to really say anything negative or seemingly negative about anyone else in the league.

BUT…at the end of the day this is still Lebron James.

Good luck getting your ‘throne’ back when you’re skills are dwindling while young players in this league smell blood and are only getting better and better. What’s gonna happen when the Lakers fall in a rut and times get tough? You’re gonna defer blame and force trades like the spineless dive you are.

Screw it, Lebron hasn’t earned shit from me. Go film Space Jam 2.

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