Trollin’ Ben Volin Tries To Stir Up Controversy With Tom Brady And Patriots

Every single time this putz writes something about the Patriots, it’s must read stuff. The guy looks at everything through a critical lens when it comes to this team and this quarterback. And this bullshit article is no different.

The jist of it all is that the Patriots not giving Tom Brady a new contract shows how they are misusing the salary cap and how they don’t want Brady anymore….or they don’t know if he wants to play? It gets kind of confusing when Ben is jumping from point to point trying to grasp at straws.

It all stems from Brady’s post practice interview yesterday, which, if you haven’t seen it, is pretty light-hearted. Although you wouldn’t know so if you solely read Volins views on it.

Let’s dive right in, cause as the immortal Skip Bayless says, “I’m about to UNLEASH!”

From the opening tip you can tell this is gonna be a classic troll article by Benny Boy:

“The Patriots began training camp with only one major, big-picture question facing them:

Why hasn’t Tom Brady gotten a contract extension yet?”

Yes, because THAT’S the big question heading into training camp. Not how Brady is gonna handle so many new offensive weapons. Or how the offense as a whole is going to handle not having their offensive pillar in Rob Gronkowski. Or how the defense is going to perform after losing Flores to Miami and drafting/signing numerous players on that side of the ball.

Nope. What does Ben think the biggest question is? Why doesn’t the quarterback have a new contract!?

The next paragraph alone shows how inept Ben Volin is overall at his job. How he ignores facts if they don’t conform to his skewed viewpoint.

“I have been posed that question a lot this summer, and I don’t have a good answer. Because there really isn’t a good reason for Brady not to get a contract extension — even if he doesn’t know whether he wants to play past 2019.”

How many times does this many have to say that he is going to play until he is 45!? What doesn’t this ignoramus understand!? “Even if he doesn’t know whether he wants to paly past 2019” HE HAS SAID HE WANTS TO AND WILL PLAY PAST THIS YEAR! But Volin writes his garbage and hopes that you will take his word as gospel and not look into the actual situation.

Moving on.

Volin proceeds to say how Brady has never played in the final year of his contract which, is in fact a true statement which is rare for him, but it really doesn’t mean anything. Who cares? The only people making a big deal out of this are local/national reporters who just need something to talk about because they can’t go a week without trying to tear down the Patriots Dynasty.

He talks about how easy it would be to move most of Brady’s salary into a signing bonus and free up cap space. So ya gotta think, if a dimwit like Ben Volin knows this, you think Bill Belichick doesn’t? I put my trust in Bill before Ben.

Volin states that if the Patriots would’ve handled this contract earlier, they could’ve signed a guy like Jared Cook. Cook signed a 2 yr/$15 mil contract with the Saints that included a $6 million signing bonus and $8 million in guarantees. Something tells me the Patriots just weren’t willing to go that far. He also brings up the fact that New England can now possibly go after OL Trent Williams who’s contract is $11 million JUST this year. If you think the Patriots would go for that and make him your highest paid OL by FAR, then you have no idea how this team works.

Now we get the “Patriots aren’t using the cap to the fullest” argument:

“The Patriots potentially are wasting a golden opportunity to improve the team by not tinkering with Brady’s contract. The whole point of paying Brady less than market value is to spread the money around to other players, right? That’s not happening this offseason.”

I mean, have the Pats gone out and made a huge impact signing? Other than Bennett, now really, but at the same time, when has that ever been their MO? They sprinkle money around to numerous players and draft picks to improve their team. Which they have done this offseason. So this ‘point’ Ben is trying to make really makes no sense.

We get another tone deaf comment about how Brady isn’t sure about his future too!

“Finally, there’s Brady’s side of it. Maybe the quarterback isn’t sure about his future. Former teammate Rodney Harrison said over the weekend, “I do believe that Tom is kind of year-to-year, and I think that’s probably one of the reasons why he’s not pressing on a new contract.”

Why, in 2019. are we still questioning whether or not Brady is ‘sure about his future’? Please find another lane to drive in Mr. Volin because this one has been shut down for years. And as for Rodney’s comment? He’s right! At this age, he and the team know he is pretty much year to year. And it’s working fine!

“But signing a two-year extension doesn’t have to lock Brady in. He can still retire after 2019 if he wants. An extension would be more of a place-marker for 2020 and 2021 than a guarantee he has to fulfill.”

Oh my god are you kidding me!? STOP BRINGING UP IF BRADY WANTS TO RETIRE OR NOT! HE DOESN’T! YOU CLOWN! Holy shit how dumb can one man be!

He literally contradicts himself a few paragraphs down when he says that Brady sounded like a guy that still wanted to play til he’s 45 during his press conference. So I ask you Ben Volin, why do you keep bringing up that Brady may not be so sure about his future when, at every turn, he seems pretty DAMN sure to me AND YOU!?t

And now we actually get to some Brady quotes:

“We’re all day-to-day, if you think about it,” Brady said before turning more serious. “I’m trying to do the best I can do today, and let those things work themselves out.”

But the impression I got is that Brady is as curious as the rest of us as to why he hasn’t gotten a new contract.

Please, reader, go to the above video of the entire interaction and go to about the 6 minute mark. Now tell me, does that sound like someone who just turned ‘more serious’ or does that sound like someone who really doesn’t care about what you’re asking him and he’s just saying the same thing he says EVERY DAMN YEAR!? But the impression that good ol Trollin Volin got was that Brady is baffled by the fact that his team has not graced him with a new contract.

At the end of his interview, Brady was asked if he thinks he deserves an extension.

“Have I earned it? I don’t know, that’s up for talk-show debate,” he said. “What do you guys think? Should we take a poll? Talk to Mr. Kraft, come on.”

Talk to Mr. Kraft, come on. He said it with a laugh, but this is the second day in a row I’ll reference the adage: There’s truth behind every joke.

Could Brady be having trouble getting Kraft to sit down at the table?

“No, like I said, we’ve got a great relationship, so we’ll see how it goes,” Brady finished.

“There’s truth behind every joke”. Yes. You are correct actually. The truth behind this joke is that simpletons and Patriot haters alike are going to take these quotes and run with them like the sheep they are. Just hoping and praying that maybe THIS will be the year where dissension finally sets in and tears this team down.

And please, is Brady having trouble getting in touch with Kraft? Bob Kraft views Tom Brady as a son, I really don’t think this is a problem. And he reassured everyone of that immediately, but please Ben, keep trying to stir up trouble where there is none. It’s really all you’re good for.

And of course, we can’t talk about Brady having an issue with the Patriots without bringing up how Bill Belichick may not even want him past this year!

“Bill Belichick may have had the more telling response about Brady’s contract when he was asked about it Saturday by NFL Network’s Willie McGinest.

“Right now, all of us are just focused on this year. We want to have a good season,” Belichick said.

Sounds like code for the Patriots want to see how Brady plays at 42 before deciding how much to commit to him at 43.

This man can’t be more wrong on everything in this article even if he tried. Does this sound ‘like code’ for the Patriots being hesitant in signing Brady for another year OR does it just sound like the beginning of every other damn season with this team where Belichick shifts all the focus on the success of the team this year?

So if you’re one of those people who take everything local media says about this team as fact and disregards what’s actually happening, this article is perfect for you. But if you’re a halfway intelligent person and can actually look at this situation for what it is, this article is laughable at best.

Tom Brady knows a deal is going to get worked out. The Patriots know a deal is going to get worked out. The only one who seemingly is clueless as usual, is Ben Volin.

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