Today is Spider-Man Day!

Today is Spider-Man Day everybody! The web slinger came into our universe in August of 1962 and he’s had our hearts webbed up every since.

Spidey is my favorite superhero of all time so there was no chance I wasn’t blogging about this. He’s also really the first superhero who got me into comic book/nerd culture.

I wasn’t a big comic book reader growing up (which is ironic because now at age 27 I want as many comic books I can get my hands on) so my first real exposure to him and superheroes in general was through animated cartoons and whatnot.

But then, in 2002, Tobey Maguire threw on the mask and drew me in like a fly to a spiders web. I know everyone, myself included, have dubbed Tom Holland as the greatest Peter Parker/Spider-Man ever, but we can’t forget my dawg Tobey!

Without this movie (and the first X-Men) it’s unlikely we’d be where we are today when it comes to comic book movies.

We don’t need to talk about the Andrew Garfield Spiderman movies though. Let’s just pretend those never happened okay?

I know we all like to fantasize that we would be this bad ass superhero who would charge into any fight and just kick everyone’s ass and not be scared at all. But if we are being honest here, Spider-Man is the type superhero we all would end up being.

Seeing a kid muster up the strength and courage to do the things that Spidey does is something that I think we all like to imagine we have inside us. And that’s why he’s so accessible!

I mean, in the comics, when Cable comes back from the future he tells everyone that it’s Spiderman who is the greatest superhero of all time. Not captain America. Not Iron Man. But a kid from Queens.

Oh, and lets all just be thankful that Spidey is finally back in the hands of Marvel Studios where he belongs. Because a character who’s as important to Marvel lore as he is should be handled by a movie studio that can take advantage of it. Thank you Sony for finally playing nice with Marvel!

But anyway, Spider-Man is really the story of a regular kid who’s dealt with probably more tragedy than any Marvel character, trying to deal with leading a regular life while also wanting to be the best hero he can be.

And I think that’s what draws everybody towards him. Peter Parker is obviously very relatable, but Spider-Man is just as down to earth. To watch Peter try to balance his regular life and hero life is something we can all relate to in someway or another. I’m not gonna make a blog about a fictional superhero all sappy, but there is something just…very human with how Stan Lee wrote this character and that’s why he’ll always remain at the top of the Marvel food chain.

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