Ezekiel Elliott Holding Out Is Ridiculous

Let me just post this series of tweets real quick. All in the span of 24 hours.

Whirlwind ride for the Cowboys. First everyone, including Mr. Clapper himself Jason Garrett, think he’ll show up to training camp. Then he doesn’t hop on the team plan and you get pundits like Cris Carter telling everyone to calm down since Zeke didn’t have to board the team plane as player often times take their own transportation. Even though Zeke has taken the team plane every year in the pros. And now this. Ezekiel Elliott has not showed up to training camp and most likely won’t until he gets a new deal.

And to that I say, Zeke is acting like an entitled shithead. Listen, holdouts are a part of the game. I get that. Michael Thomas is holding out as we speak with the Saints, but that is warranted. Thomas is set to make $1 million this year and all he’s done is increase his stats from year to year his last 3 season, and in doing so, vaulting himself into the conversation of the best at his position. Oh, and the most important thing, he’s caused no issues whatsoever off the field. Zeke can relate to all of those things but ONE.

Ezekiel Elliott has been a distraction off the field since he showed up to the NFL.

Regardless of what you think of his discretions, they still exist. Sorry, but if you’re gonna be a dickhead off the field, how can you expect your team to put you as their number 1 priority? Especially when they still need to lock up Dak before you? A quarterback is always going to take precedence over a running back. It’s just how the league is. If you have no QB, you can’t win. You can win with a below average RB though.

Obviously Elliott is great. He is a vital cog in the teams offense. But let me be vert clear here, this team can win without you. It will be much harder, but it’s possible. When players think that they’re somehow above the team or that they have any leverage whatsoever, it’s laughable. There are about 5 players in the league that can stake the claim that without them, their team will fail. And Zeke is NOT one of them.

Now, do I think the Cowboys should nut up and pay the man? Of course I do. It’s not like Jerry Jones is hurting for money. The guy is the living personification of Scrooge McDuck.

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But I really don’t see anything wrong with not paying him this year. You know why? HE HAS 2 YEARS LEFT ON HIS CONTRACT! It’s not commonplace for a player, especially a running back, to get a record breaking new deal when he still has two more years left! Todd Gurley screwed everyones perception of when a RB should get paid, and now every ‘star’ back is gonna think they should never have to wait until the last year of their deal to secure their bag.

That’s just not how it works Zeke. And you not showing up to training camp is not gonna help anything. You’re trying to play games with Jerry Jones. This isn’t a pushover owner, this is the guy who wanted to sue the league FOR you. And now you’re gonna slap him in the face with this bullshit holdout? Are you kidding me?

Show up, perform like you know you can and let your play on the field dictate the monster contract you should get. Trust me, if you do that, Jerry is gonna pay you. Let them lock up Dak and probably Amari first, and then you’ll get yours.

Zeke’s contract by the way? He’s making $6.2 million a year and on his entire contract, $24.9 million was FULLY guaranteed.

So please, don’t try to make this about how you aren’t getting paid. Michael Thomas can do that. You cannot.

Maybe it’s just the Patriots Effect where I’m so used to players putting the team first, that it often times upsets me to no end to see players act selfishly like Zeke is here. While I get it, you want to make your money, I just think you should suck it up and show the hell up. Can you imagine being a teammate of his that’s making far less than him? I’m sure there are already some players in that locker room that are getting tired of his antics and this sure as shit isn’t gonna help anything.

So my advice you you Ezekiel (because I know that you are reading this) is bring your belly shirt wearing ass to training camp, put in the work and let the contract work itself out. You know it will. Jerry Jones cares what the fanbase thinks of him so you know he’s not in the business of sending his star players packing. The guy literally was on the verge of trying to tear down the entire league for you. And you can’t give him this one solid of just showing the hell up? Not cool man, not cool..

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