Zombieland 2 Finally Gets A Trailer

It’s about freaking time! The first Zombieland was a god damn classic and ever since they announced they were going to make a second one, I’ve been waiting. Eating my twinkies, and waiting..

I know that everyone talks about ‘Zombie Fatigue’ with 2 Walking Dead shows and zombies seemingly popping up in everything, but Zombieland is the exception. They could make 100 of these movies and I will see every one of them. You know why?

Woody Harrelson is a treasure.

Cuck Zuck and the two ladies (Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin) are awesome too, but Woody is the reason we are all tuning in here, let’s be honest.

And the title is awesome too. Double Tap. In case you don’t remember, ‘double tap’ is one of Colombus’ many rules to survive the zombie apocalypse. Which, if we’re being honest, make him the most realistic character in any zombie show/movie ever. We all like to think we’d be like Tallahassee, but deep down, we all know we’d be Colombus.

When it comes to the trailer itself, its awesome. The beginning is great, the action is cool and the music fits perfectly. The story seems cool too with Little Rock getting kidnapped or something, and they all have to go save her. Love it.

I hope Sony already has plans for a third Zombieland because this trilogy has the potential to rival any trilogy in the history of trilogies.

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