Marvel Owns The World

Just when you think Marvel Studios was going to slow down after Avengers: Endgame, they go ahead and do this!

Black Widow has been confirmed for a while now, so that is not a surprise at all. But apparently there was footage shown to Hall H at Comic-Con and they got to see none other than the Taskmaster! With his shield!

If you aren’t excited about him, you should be. He’s one of Marvel’s best hand-to-hand combat fighters and can mimic the fighting style of any hero he fights. I can’t WAIT.

The Eternals is also one that was already confirmed but still, you should be excited about that as well. The Eternals are essentially created sentient life on Earth as we know it, and they also battle against the Deviants. What are the Deviants you ask? Well we’ve already met one….

The one that most people won’t know about here though, is Shang-Chi. And to be honest, I am one of those people. But from what I know about the Ten Rings, which were briefly brought into Iron Man 3 (along with the fake Mandarin, who we won’t speak of) I’m very excited. A quick google search tells me that Shang-Chi is basically one of the most deadly, badass assassins in the world. Sign me up!

The second to last official movie/date announced is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Are you kidding me with that title!? I don’t need any more information on that movie. Take my money. Now. And they said this is going to be the first ‘scary’ movie in the MCU? Well, with a villain like Nightmare, that makes sense. Nightmare, by the way, is the evil ruler of the Dream Dimension. What’s the Dream Dimension? It’s where tortured souls are brought. Yeah, this movie is gonna be badass.

And rounding out the confirmed movies is Thor Love and Thunder. Again, all I needed to see was the logo and I’m in. Oh, and I guess Natalie Portman is gonna be coming back to be Lady Thor? Last time we heard from her she was saying how much she hated doing these movies so we’ll see how that goes. She looks less than excited to be taking the role too….

Every Marvel series has already been rumored and basically confirmed but it’s still cool to actually see it all laid out like that. And to hear that they are all going to be significantly tied in with the movies is VERY exciting.

Here’s the BIG news though:

FANTASTIC FOUR!? BLADE!? X-MEN!? The sequels were bound to happen and already rumored, but hearing that those 3 films are already being heavily discussed!? Oh my god. Finally Marvel’s First Family, the Fantastic 4, will be done right. IF John Krasinski isn’t already penciled in as Mr. Fantastic, then what are we even doing here..

The real surprise though is Blade. Fucking Blade! The vampire hunter with the badass sunglasses. And Mahershala Ali is gonna be playing him, which should excite you to no end, trust me. This guy is ridiculously good. He’s technically already been in the MCU for a minute in Luke Cage as the villain Cottonmouth. But those shows all got snapped out of existence so we’re all good. No actor overlap to see here.

All in all, this was a tour de force by Marvel Studios here. Oh, you thought we were on the downside after Endgame? How’s this taste?

Hahahaha. I hope you all enjoy superheroes, cause there is no sign whatsoever of Marvel slowing down. Having full reign over all things X-Men and Fantastic Four (and their rogues gallery) can easily carry Marvel Studios for the next 20 years. And I, for one, will be here for every single second of it.

Thank you Stan Lee.

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