Avengers Endgame Finally Snaps Away Avatar

LET’S FUCKING GO BABY!!!!! Finally! All is right in the world now. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be. Avengers: Endgame will be the number one movie of ALL time!

By the end of this weekend, once all the numbers are tallied, Avatars reign of terror over the box office will finally be finished. Done. Reduced to ash. And James Cameron will be left to wallow and weep in the corner like the condescending, hypocritical, small man he is.

What a great time for Marvel to be at Comic-Con huh? Not only do they get to unveil their entire Phase 4 slate, but at the very beginning of the presentation, Kevin Feige gets to hit the crowd with the news Marvel fans have been waiting for.

Although it got a little shaky there for a little bit, I think we all eventually knew this was going to happen. Let’s face it, Avatar is NOT the movie us Americans want to have represent us as the highest grossing film of all time. It’s not a great flick if we’re being honest. It was ground-breaking for it’s time sure, but if you think that Avatar is better than Endgame, I think you need to reconsider your entire way of thinking.

I’ll say this until the day I die: Name one thing (other than the big blue men having sex with their ponytails) that you remember from that movie. Most people can’t.

Endgame is an almost perfect cinematic creation. Tying together 2 decades of films all in one perfect, 3-hour nerdgasm that literally had fans hopping right back in line to see it again after their first showing. This was the first movie I’ve ever seen in theaters twice. I know people who have seen it over 5 times! That’s what this movie did to people.

And I think that’s what a lot of comic book movie haters don’t udnerstand about Endgame. This was a cultural phenomenon. People who haven’t even really been following the MCU felt an obligation to see this. No one wanted to miss out on this! I’m not sure when we’ll see a movie have such a grasp on the population for a long time. Certainly none of the Avatar sequels will do it, that’s for sure.

So rejoice Marvel fans. We did it! A movie based on a comic book is the highest grossing film of all the times. What a great time to be a nerd. But just like Thanos said, this was inevitable….

Oh, and for your viewing pleasure, here:

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