Why. Are. People. Licking. Things!?

Listen, I don’t know what the hell is going on with these viral videos of people licking/spitting in things then putting them back, but they gotta be stopped.

First we got these terrorist girls going around licking iced cream and putting them back.

Cut em off. Cut their tongues right the fuck off. They don’t deserve them.

Licking ice cream and putting it back doesn’t make you cool, it makes you a piece of shit. The faces they make afterwards are insane too. Like they’re so proud of what they’ve done! Are you serious? I guess exposing to the world that you’re the scum of the Earth is worth it as long as you go viral right?

Gotta get them clicks!

Imagine if you’re one of the people who’s eaten this ice cream that’s been tainted by the tongues of these disgusting human beings? Think about that for a second.

But not only do we have people doing this, we got this asshole hocking 3 giant loogis’into an Arizona jug.

I don’t know who we contact for waterboarding, but I feel like that’s a reasonable consequence for this. That’s disgusting. It’s unsafe. What if this loser has a disease? And he’s now passed that on by doing this bullshit and now you or your kids catch whatever the hell he has? It’s gross. And that smirk. Oooooohhhhh I hope someone knocks that smirk right off this son of a bitch’s face.

And to top if all off, I just saw this today!

AT A DOCTORS OFFICE!? Are you serious!? AND HER MOM WAS THE ONE RECORDING IT!? You gotta lock em both up. And take the kid away too. The mom is clearly unfit to handle a child. Lock. Them. All. UP! Oh, and of COURSE this incident happened in Florida because why wouldn’t it?

This one disgusts me the most though. The mom supposedly said the video was “supposed to stay among friends” but someone shared it. Why are you not only letting your daughter do something like this, but GOING ALONG WITH IT!? To make this even worse, it was done at the All About Kids and Families Medical Center. THINK ABOUT THE KIDS YOU SOCIOPATH!

Apparently the mom is being charged with a felony which is tremendous. Her excuse? She “wasn’t thinking” and she removed the licked depressor immediately. Oh okay, that makes it all good then! Phew. You fucking dunce. I hope you get tried to the fullest.

This is what’s wrong with people nowadays in this social media era. They all lose every ounce of common sense just to get the 15 seconds of fame on social media. This is why everyone hates your generation. You’re all a bunch of mindless dumbasses! And to the people who are a little older, how dare you? You should know better. But again, people these days will do anything just to get a mention or a like.

I can’t wait until someone catches one of these heathens shooting these videos and beats the shit out of them. THAT will get a like from me for sure.


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