Jason Mamoa Does NOT Have A Dad Bod And If You Think That Then You Probably Have One

‘Dad Bod’ is a term that gets thrown around with increasing regularity nowadays. With some women saying they’d prefer a man with Dad Bod, as you’d expect, having one is becoming more and more popular.

What is a Dad Bod? Well, it seems as though the definition is constantly changing. I always thought it was just a regular looking dude with a little extra flub here and there. Maybe a beer belly, slight double chin, throw in a pair of girthy titties and there you have it!

But wanna know what certainly is NOT a Dad Bod? This:

If this is considered a Dad Bod, we are all completely fucked. No one should even try anymore. Because let me tell you something, every guy in the world would be completely and totally fine with a body like that. And every girl would be fine with her man having a body like that as well. Let me go home to Nicole with a body like this and we’ll see if she scoffs and goes “Oh my god Mike, cover yourself up you schlub!” Spoiler alert: she wouldn’t.

So I guess the definition of a Dad Bod has regressed to: if you don’t have a shredded 6-pack and bulging biceps then you qualify.

Blasphemous. One more time, look at this!

Image result for jason momoa dad bod

We’re talking about Khal freaking Drogo here. Look at him! Spot the man-boobs cause I sure as hell can’t. Do you see a double chin lurking beneath that jaw line? No ma’am! If you’re a guy, and you’re trying to get in shape, seeing this on your social media feed is a punch directly to your junk food filled pot belly.

This is a dad bod:

Related image
Image result for celebrity dad bods
Image result for celebrity dad bods

No real muscle definition to speak of. No defined V acting as a highway to your own personal promiseland. Is that a few love handles I see? You betchya. These are your run of the mill Dad Bods. And even here, I’d say these are the upper echelon of the category.

We gotta be careful who we say has a Dad Bod and who doesn’t. Pretty soon The Rock is gonna get body shamed because his 8-pack dropped down to a 6-pack. Sounds crazy, but if Aquaman is getting body shamed, then literally no one is safe.

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