The USWNT Can Do Nothing Right Apparently

Jesus Christ this is getting old. The United States Womens National Team has been in the news a lot today and not because they’re the best soccer team in the entire world, no no no. But because of, gasp, how they’re acting!

Oh no! She dropped an F-Bomb slip on live TV! Who. Fucking. Cares. Why are there imbeciles out there acting like Megan Rapinoe just committed this atrocious act on live television. I’ve seen and heard worse on cable television.

I mean, look at these comments!

Oh no! Your daughter may hear someone say a bad word! Cause I’m sure kids never hear curse words ever, right? And last time I checked, it’s on YOU to raise your children, not a player on a women’s soccer team. You should be able to tell your child that swearing is not good.

Yes, I’m 100% sure her parents are extremely proud of their daughter winning a World Cup. I doubt saying ‘fucking’ on live TV changes that whatsoever.

This idiots tweet caught my attention. Clearly our friend Marcelo here only pays attention the news he’s spoonfed on a daily basis and can’t formulate his own opinion. Because guess what? This ‘positive, unifying message’ you wanted her to speak on? SHE DID EXACTLY THAT!

This is the danger of mainstream media. They only show what they want you to see. Yep, Megan Rapinoe said the F-Word, that should be brought up.

You know what else should get brought up but won’t because it won’t fit the ‘These American soccer players are so disrespectful!” narrative? The fact that she DID use this platform to try to speak on something good. But like I mentioned, depending on where you’re looking, you’ll never know.

Oh, also a cool thing that happened today was that Christen Press took over Barstool Sports Instagram Live. And of course, people were upset about that too.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure Christen is aware of Barstools unfair reputation actually. That’s probably one of the main reasons she decided to do this, to try to prove blockheads like yourself that it’s a completely false narrative. But that’s a rabbit hole that is just too tiring to go down.

Seeing all this controversy surrounding the Women’s National Team makes me infuriated every time I see it. Instead of talking about how they celebrate or what they say on TV, we should be applauding them for bringing more eyes than ever to Women’s Soccer. Because I guarantee you there is a young girl watching who now thinks that she can get to the level where Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe and all the other tremendous athletes on this team are at.

Everyone hates you when you’re the best. Congratulations ladies, enjoy it!

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