Enzo Amore Is Back Making An Ass Out Of Himself Featuring Joey Janela

Enzo Amore and Joey Janela got into a ‘fight’Tuesday night at a Blink 182 concert. I’ll give you an extra minute to reread that absurd sentence.

And thank god there were people with smart phones around to capture part of it!

I’ll get into the video in a second, but first, a little backstory real quick:

Enzo Amore is a former WWE wrestler who got released from the company back in 2018 after rape allegations came forward against him. I’m not gonna get into any of that, but all you need to know is that Enzo is kiiiiiiiiiinda a shitty person. There was also word going around that he would bring ‘questionable characters’ backstage at WWE events and had an entitled attitude. Even though they guy did not accomplish shit in the wrestling industry.

Joey Janela is a current wrestler with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), the new upstart promotion backed by Cody Rhodes and the owner of the Jaguars, Shahid Kkan. An upcoming star in the wrestling business, it’s sad to see him stoop to the level of Amore.

Apparently there has been a beef between these two ever since Enzo and his tag partner Big Cass (or Cass XL or whatever stupid name he’s going by now since WWE owns the right to the name ‘Big Cass’) crashed a Ring of Honor show at Madison Squard Garden. A show which Janela was performing at.

Which Enzo has been known to do, since he crashed a WWE Pay-Per-View event last year as well, tried to get his 10 seconds of fame, and got his ass hauled out.

I know this blog is going to seem slanted in one direction here, but Amore is a loser. He got let go of the largest wrestling company in the world and couldn’t handle the fact that he would inevitably fade into obscurity. He even tried his hand at rap and uh..I mean, I’ll let you be the judge of how that venture is going..

Enzo is the type of person that spends so much time telling you how successful and great he is, that you honestly start to wonder if he’s trying to convince you or convince himself.

But anyway, that video is shit.

First of all, fights where both people are backing up while talking shit at the same time are just embarrassing.

Enzo is recorded saying “I’ll whoop his ass boyyy…I’ll whoop your drunk ass boy!” You know who says things like that? People who aren’t gonna whoop your ass. But this is to be expected. During Amore’s run with WWE, he was only good on the mic. His in ring skills were horrendous. So it’s only natural that, in a real life setting, he’s all talk and no action.

And their series of tweets about the event make me chuckle too:

Enzo claims he slapped him but, knowing Amore, this was probably all talk.

Janela had some dumb tweets as well:

Seeing two people get into a…I’m not sure what to call this because it certainly wasn’t a fight. Maybe we’ll call it a scuffle? Okay, seeing two people get into a scuffle only to have one person make light of the entire thing is very annoying. Like, clearly you weren’t making light of it when you had your hands up supposedly ready to fight, but then once you see how bad you look in the video, ya gotta make an excuse. Bullshit move.

And now Janela says there’s more to the video? Come on. You guys looked like two middle schoolers who were afraid to fight. Don’t start talking how there’s more to the video or whatever because I guarantee you we’ll never see that. Know why? Cause it doesn’t exist. You just come off as a fake tough guy.

Another little note, I hate when women get involved with men when they’re ‘fighting’. Like, what are you looking to accomplish? You sound annoying as hell yelling and screaming the entire time and you’ll most likely end up getting pushed or catch an inadvertent punch. Women, please just stay out of any fight that breaks out between guys. There is literally nothing good that will come from it.

Oh well. Be on the lookout for for Enzo, or I guess he goes by nZo now, at a WWE show making an ass out of himself trying to get another 15 seconds of fame.

Craziest part of this whole thing? This all happened at a Blink 182 concert. Not sure why, but that just makes me laugh.

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