Los Angeles Is Winning The Finals This Year

LA is in a great position going into this season. They’re actually the odds on favorite to win the title last time I checked. You got a multiple time Finals MVP, a great #2 all-star option along with him and a very solid squad surrounding ’em both. Not to mention a very stable front office along with a top coach in the league.

But enough about the Clippers, we gotta talk about whatever the hell the Lakers think they’re ‘building’ over there in LaLa Land.

Let’s take a look at these ‘championship’ moves..

Other than Davis, this is the only good move this team has made so far I’d say. Danny Green won a title last year with Toronto and he’s battle tested. He knows how to play alongside a superstar too, which always bodes well when you join a team with Bron Bron. I can’t really say anything negative about this even if I tried.

Okay, enough of the good..

These two are a different story:

GM Lebron has lost his damn mind!

First of all, Rondo was on the team last year. How’d that work out? When he and James were on the court together, they were horrendous. Lebron was quite literally at his worst when he was on the court with Rondo, but yeah, bring him back!

Oh my god and you’re gonna make him take a backseat to Bron Bron at his own position!? Nah this won’t end poorly at all……….

And why on Earth would anyone sign Boogie Cousins with the intent of starting him? And please believe, he will be starting. You think Cousins is gonna be cool coming off the bench? HA! The guy still thinks he’s a superstar even though he can’t jump 3 inches since his injury. But he’s gonna be your main starting big? And if not him then who, JaVale McGee? A real Sophie’s Choice with that one.

Cook benefited tremendously from being on a team with the greatest shooter of all time. He played a total of 54 games in his first two seasons so there’s not much to go on there. Last year he did up that to 74 games and definitely showed some skill shooting the ball but still, a few flashes ain’t gonna cut it when you’re on a team with The Queen. Let’s see if the shadow of The False King Lebron kills his confidence.

Hahahahahaha Jared fucking Dudley.

The name ‘Jared Dudley’ makes me laugh every single time. Not sure why, there’s just something about it.

You guys remember Avery Bradley right? Celtic Nation went apeshit when Ainge got rid of him but wanna know what he’s done since then? Bounced from the Pistons to the Clippers to the Grizzlies. 3 teams in 2 seasons isn’t really a good sign. But maybe he had good stats on those teams?

His combined stats with those 3 teams were 13.1 pts per game to go along with 2.6 assists and 2.7 rebounds per game. Yeah, there’s a reason he hasn’t been able to stick with one team since leaving Boston. Bradley’s best days are FAR behind him.

Other than these stellar additions, this is what GM Bron Bron has assembled so far to go to war for another NBA Title:

That roster get’s bounced in the first round.

Cousins is NOT making it through the year. Why do you think he was hanging around when the Lakers had to go for table scraps after missing out on Kawhi?

Rondo will be nothing but a distraction and most likely traded by the deadline. I wouldn’t be surprised if he get’s packaged with a few other players/picks in order to bring more help for Prince Petty. Cause trust me, it’ll only be a matter of time before talks shows start the “AD isn’t enough help for Lebron” narrative.

What we all need to remember here is that Lebron is no longer the player he used to be. He is the old lion who is desperately trying to hang on to any sliver of control he may still have over his pride while younger, more hungry challengers are waiting for him at every turn.

Sure, he’ll still put up his stats. That’s the only thing he’s the king of nowadays. He’s great at working these NBA rules. But these stats will lead to nothing. Lebron James will not win another title for the remainder of his NBA career. And all these seemingly ‘impact’ moves will do nothing to change that.

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