Kawhi Says Screw You LaLaBron And Signs With The Clippers

Wow. Leave it to Kawhi Leonard to make a move while everyone’s sleeping. This guy is so different from every other superstar in the league, ya gotta love it!

Everyone and their moms would’ve bet their life savings that the Lakers, along with Magic Johnson, had already convinced The Claw to go to the Dark Side and play with Bron Bron and AD. Either that or he was gonna run it back with the Raptors.

But this is why Kawhi Leonard should be everyone’s favorite NBA player (except for Skip Bayless). Just when you think you have all the answers, Kawhi changes the questions baby!

You know what I’m sure didn’t help the Lakers case to get Leonard? Leaking every god damn detail about their meetings with him. Kawhi already has trust issues stemming back to his days with the Spurs, so I’m sure he didn’t appreciate all his business with the LA being leaked left and right.

And the same thing happened with Toronto as well. You think Kawhi wanted this giant, parade-like atmosphere while he was meeting with the Raptors? You think he wanted everyone knowing every move he made? Doubtful.

And that’s why I always thought the Clippers would be the team he’s pick.

Did you ever really hear any details about any meeting he had with the Clips? Not at all. And I’m sure that silence spoke volumes to Kawhi. He probably felt he could trust them more than the Raptors or the Lakers.

Oh and not only did the Clippers sign The Claw, but they got Paul George as well!

I know the Lakers have old Lebron and Antony Davis, but watch out for the Clippers. That team is dangerous. All it takes is one bad month for the Lake Show and one good month for their ‘little brother team’ and LA is gonna turn on Bron Bron and company. And I, for one, can not WAIT for that to happen.

For the first time in a long time, the NBA is actually pretty wide open this year. Kawhi joining the Lakers would’ve been one of the weakest moves we’ve ever seen a superstar make in the league. Topping Lebron going to for his SuperTeam down in South Beach. But Kawhi spits in the face of your SuperTeam concept and doesn’t need a stacked deck in order to win.

Deep down I like to think that Kawhi did this on purpose. You know, leading on the Lakers and Lebron only to crush their souls and rip their hearts out by signing in LA….just not with them. That’s the truth that I choose to believe.

Damn, season hasn’t even started yet and Lebron is already taking L’s. Ya hate to see it.

P.S. The real loser in all this is Russell Westbrook. Guy can’t get anyone to stay and play with him. He’s gotta get outta OKC or drastically change the way he plays. Cause clearly something isn’t right over there.

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