Alex Morgan Is Half Correct About The Criticism Of Her And The USWNT

I came across this tweet from ESPN today and it got me thinking…

Before I start here I want to make one thing perfectly clear: Women get treated unfairly in sports all the time. Which is absurd. That is not up for discussion. I am saying that this incident with this team is not solely about them being women. While the mere fact that they are women obviously comes into play, I believe there is much more involved.

I understand the culture we live in today and how everyone is very sensitive to anything that has to do with women seemingly being treated unfairly. And rightly so. Women across all platforms have been treated unjustifiably bad for a very long time.

But like I mentioned, I personally think there are a couple other things coming into play here.

People aren’t up in arms over this solely because you’re a woman Alex Morgan. People are freaking out about this because you’re an AMERICAN woman. And it also doesn’t help that we’re beating the shit out of everyone we play.

People around the globe have always taken issue with how Americans celebrate and gloat our successes. Like it or not, we’re just better at sports than most countries out there. And it’s jealousy and envy that breed this toxic reaction anytime an American celebrates a goal, bucket, home run, touchdown or just a win in general.

There are plenty more of these, trust me. If you’d like to see for yourself, just pull up Twitter, search ‘american arrogant’ and watch all the little babies bitch and moan about the greatness of our USWNT.

But if you think I’m lying about people whining only about American celebrations, let’s take it to another sport here. In Japan bat flips are almost a separate sport in and of themselves within baseball. When a Japanese baseball player hits a dinger, their bat flips are a thing of beauty. And also outrageous.

And guess what? No one’s ever complaining nearly as much as they are about these women celebrating during their games. I’m not even saying that there should be outrage here either. Bat flips are awesome! Just like celebrating a goal in the World Cup is awesome. Celebrate your hearts out! With the amount of work that these athletes put into their craft, they deserve to let out a celebration whenever they can.

This brings me to my second point here: People hate when athletes celebrate and that, to me, is asinine.

The NFL literally had a rule against not celebrating after a touchdown. They’ve adjusted the rule a bit though now saying that it’s okay to celebrate but, basically, you just can’t be ‘too mean towards the other team’. Are you kidding me? If you score a TD against another team you should be able to rub it in their faces!

And the same goes for scoring a goal in soccer as well.

Related image

Don’t give me any nonsense about ‘acting like you’ve been there before’ or how you should ‘respect the game’. That’s an old fashioned, out-dated way of thinking. If you score in any way in any sport, you should celebrate like you’re a kid again.

And let’s not lose sight of the scope of all this either. These women are in the WORLD CUP. If there was ever a time to let loose after scoring, this is it! Alex Morgan is at the top of her game and you expect her to tame her excitement after she scores!? Get outta here with that bullshit. I don’t know how you all do things in your countries or with you few successes, but we like to celebrate ours.

If I’m the U.S. Women’s National Team, I turn up the celebration tenfold now. There’s nothing better than continuously winning and pissing people off as you do so. Keep kicking ass ladies, and screw what anyone else thinks. Lions don’t concern themselves with the opinion of sheep.

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